What’s Up With “D-Day”?

Happy Friday, All!

Y’all going to join me in this, or what?!  “Just Do It!”  TGIF!  Bam!

So, just a day ago, many of the Western world countries celebrated the 75th Anniversary of “D-Day”, named such as it was when the Allied Forces TOGETHER turned the tide of the War to the Allies … and away from the Nazis!  In essence, those teenagers from France, Canada, the USA and a few other nations threatened by the takeover of the Nazis stormed the beaches of Normandy, France though ill-equipped to fight such a terrible “human war”.  As the “story” goes, thousands of young men lost their lives on those beaches, filled the waters off the coast of France with their blood ….and turned the Nazis away from their goal of taking over the world!  Thank you, All!

I have a personal friend who also fought in World War II.  Coach Blake was just a young man at the time who wanted to serve his country to secure he and his family’s freedoms from Nazism.  He also later became my basketball coach, track and football coach and the athletic director at St. Paul’s School where I received my secondary school education.  Yet, Coach Blake was more than a coach.  He was a man who had seen the horrors of war, who had experienced the discomfort of “racism” in the nation’s military forces, though he was on the other side, and then … reached out his “hand” to assist a group of young “minority students” who came to integrate a formerly all boys “white Anglo-Saxon Episcopalian” boarding school in New Hampshire … Concord to be exact!  He stood up for us when we wanted to wear “red, suede, Converse basketball shoes” for the whole team at SPS … and we got them.  We wore them, and damn near won the League championship until I missed the second foul shot that would have tied the game and sent it into overtime …  Thanks, Man!  I learned so much from your leadership, Sir.

Coach Blake also shared with me his personal story of “The Red Tails”, a unit of Black Airmen forbidden to serve in the nation’s armed forces … because of their skin color.  You probably know the famous story of the “Tuskegee Experiment” that took place at the “all black” Tuskegee Institute where Mrs. Roosevelt, the President’s wife, flew with one of the black pilots and CONFIRMED that “we” could indeed successfully fly an airplane!  These “Airmen” played an important part in “escorting” fighter pilots and bombers to the interior of parts of Western Europe to finally defeat the Nazis and Adolph Hitler, saving the world from an imposed system of Aryan Supremacy …

I won’t comment on “45’s” behavior on “D-Day” because we ALL know it well. This person is a perfect example of how “you can’t buy CLASS” … some people have it, some people want it … and others just don’t give a damn about it! Trust me, whether one has it or not is reflected in their “world” or lifestyle, if you will. I watched a special on CNN last week entitled: “The Trump Family Business”! Omg … no … OMG!! What a horror show!! This character has given himself the title of best business deal maker. Yet, the “story” shows corruption, deceit, lies, theft … out and out criminal behavior associated with everything he touched from “Trump University” to the numerous “Trump Properties” that were foreclosed on in Mexico, Ft. Lauderdale (I saw the abandoned property on The Strip!) and one or two other places around the world … and “The Scrumps” still made MONEY!! Okay, so “others” lost their money investing in their properties while this guy and his family MADE money on the foreclosures. In essence, “the Scrumps” weren’t selling property, they were selling their “name” to developers who paid the family for use of their name in marketing their properties! #noclassfamily

At this point, I will deviate from my “roast” of the aforementioned and continue to praise those youngsters who fought, many died … others lived … including my Coach … Mr. Blake … to save the world from the spread of Nazism.  Blessings to you ALL!

Now THAT’S what’s up!


John I. Cook, Director

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