It’s Up to the Children … For REAL!

Happy Friday, All!

And uh … do you have enough wind left in your sail to give a T.G.I.F.!?  So … hit it when you’re ready!

Have you seen and heard enough from the current White House to agree that the United States of America is the biggest “reality tv government” in the world … and EVER.  “Starrriiinng Donald J. Trump!”  Oh my!  This man thinks this is a television show in which he can lie and twist the truth, select judges in the Supreme Court who twist the truth even more … shucks, even tell the Navy to cover up or put out of sight a war ship named after a real war hero, John McCain, who “killed his healthcare bill”!!  Now, we’ve been distracted with tariffs, which he also doesn’t understand, as “trade wars” escalate between the States and China as well as with Mexico!  All I hear his spokespersons say is, “He’s playing to his base!”  Well, what about the REST of the American people?!?  This character has put a “new” deadly spin on “playing politics”.  Screw you, people don’t want you to play “games” with their and their children’s and their grandchildren’s lives!  What is he … a dictator of sorts?!?

There is a young girl from I believe Sweden, not sure, who has “Asperger’s Disease” and speaks better than #45!  She makes more sense about climate change than some of the so-called Senators in Congress.  She has actually done some research and gotten audiences in front of some European leaders.  There is also a young boy in the States who has embraced the “Green” concept and has also begun to speak out for HIS generation of humans, explaining the catastrophic effects of global warming!  Does it look like “we” (our generation 50 somethings and up) have dropped the ball and have become so selfish that we don’t even care about our children … or our grandchildren?!?  Methinks so …

As I watched different segments of CNN which covered European elections as well as a plethora of “scrump stories” showing the leader having untruthful meltdown after meltdown, I was in horror.  Damn, at one point, I was looking at his face as he belted out an insult or two at Mr. Mueller and it looked like he was about to have a heart attack!  I’ll take that over impeachment … it takes way less time!  I felt like it was a movie of sorts … like an old “James Bond” flick where everybody is trying to outsmart their counterpart!  I have to laugh each time I see Scrump and Putin, Scrump physically the “larger” person being led by Putin, the ex-director of the Russian intelligence agency – the KGB.  Putin has a smirk on his face like “I got this dummy in the palm of my hand!”  It’s sad to see my grandson’s face …. in the palm of Putin’s hands!  That’s a truly negative image which I detest.  What about you!?!

So, I have been facilitating a group of young ladies at the “home school” setting in Cocles near Puerto Viejo as they learn more Spanish and prepare for the national exam to move to the next level.  The students I have – 4 in total – are at 7th and 8th grade level of studies.  I mean, facilitating them is not “rocket science”.  I know enough Spanish to read the instructions they have in their book and explain the assignment as it covers “parts of speech”, words of comparison and literary terms and concepts.  It is basically “the same” as English but in Spanish!!  Well, as of yet, I don’t have a teacher’s copy of the book like I had been use to in the States.  I prepare what I can for them during class as they EACH have their own book that their parents purchased.  I have another month that I have agreed to work with this group though I did NOT want to be a Spanish teacher!  So, as I have become accustomed to when the universe speaks, I listen and will probably “stop” this assignment and be available for “special events/topics” if they present themselves in the students’ “Civics” class which is taught by the school’s director.  I don’t want to get “bogged down” in other people’s stuff so, I will finish up in July when I plan to take a trip to my home state, New York, to visit my parents grave sites.

Enjoy your weekends, “stay awoke” and train your “young people”, wherever you connect with them, to take charge of their world NOW!

Peace and blessings,

John I. Cook, Director

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