“From Where I Sit . . .” Part II

Happy Friday, All!

And just in case you didn’t, “I got this for us!”  T.G.I.F.!

The end of another week has come and it was my mother’s birthday on Monday!  Creator … please keep her comforted in peace!  Usually, I have a very challenging time, as I once mentioned, because “Mother’s Day” and Mom’s birthday are in the same month and like 2 weeks apart!  I was pretty balanced this year in handling the ebb and lull of emotions as I remembered her and our tenderest “mother-son moments”.  There was no “pressure” from “life in the States” like cops and traffic, unhappy people and dishonest leaders to listen to and be around.  I was at peace with the universe … my favorite “place”!

Usually when I write, I sit on a yellow cushion on the floor with my laptop on a “child”-style table … red, short and close to the ground.  I place my legs underneath the table which is sitting either on the balcony or directly in front of the television table just next to my “relaxation bed” and write!  Got the picture?!  It’s very relaxing … and I can see all of the trees and birds that I want as well as lots of clouds and even rain on those rainy days!  It’s an awesome spot as I can sit with the “front” door open though it is in the back of the structure which juts out over the street.  Sometimes, the people in the street sound like they are in here with me!!  There’s never a dull moment … from where I sit!

I have been still pushing myself going to at least one yoga class per week.  On the off days, I still try to get in a few push ups as well as some stretching while laying on my sofa/bed.  The meditations at 6am coupled with a cup of curcuma tea, which I am drinking as I write right now, as well as a renewed ability to “pull out” of unnecessary wasteful “interactions”, help me stay focused.  The 4 hour Spanish class that I facilitate on Monday mornings will be in session until June … and then the students are off for the rest of the month.  My Saturday morning/lunch sessions with “Ivon” continue and she shows a greater interest in improving her English.  Shucks, sometimes I have thoughts of trying to get her in to a school or university in the States … “for a minute” …

As I watched CNN a bit yesterday and witnessed two “melt downs” of the current occupant of the White House and his incessant Twitter account rants, not to mention the rant in front of “the nation’s farmers”, I was happy not to be in the States!  All of his rants were about Nancy Pelosi and nothing … NOTHING said about “infrastructure” which this nation desperately needs to maintain and update!  The rants were so ridiculous that Speaker Pelosi asked for an intervention on “45” by his family and party members!  While the rest of the world’s leaders have elections and are seeking to improve … whatever that means nowadays … their national interests and conditions, I am somewhat awaiting the opportunity to transition from what we are “trying to save” to what is the natural course of events for humanity ….  Get prepared … spiritually!

As I continue to progress on the manuscript and the blog posts, I wish you each a wonderful Friday and a more wonder-filled weekend!  “Stay the course!” … from where I sit!


John I. Cook, Director

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