It Ain’t All THAT, Now!

Happy Friday, Folks!  I just have to give it up for that “power greater than my(our)self(selves)”!  T.G.I.F. then!

Another week … and the little things, including my arthritis issues, are getting better and better!  Yet, I don’t even question where the “peace” comes from!!  Y’all  know how I roll … for ever grateful for everything and just trying to do the right thing … not everything, of course.  Yet, in my case, here as in other places I have been and visited in my life, I “stand out” for a number of reasons.  I could list them but I might be accused by some of being arrogant or “holier than thou”. 

Hey, I have a lot of talents … not all of them … I don’t know a damn “thang” about plants except for one that affects my life.  I have been blessed to have been “nosey” enough at a young age to want to know, and obviously first learn, Spanish so I could understand what all those Latinos in New York City were talking about.  I was maybe 12 in 7th grade.  Now, I am teaching (facilitating the learning of) Spanish to a small group of youngsters who speak the language and the slang “better” than I do.  Yet, there are some technical items that have been known to appear on the national exam administered for the passing of each “grade” to the next in a given subject area.  That’s my mission … and I have decided to accept it so far!!  Every other day, I get asked if I can “teach” someone English, as if learning the language is a magic trick!  Trust me, “teaching” or facilitating learning and learning something “new” ALL require focus, dedication and time!  And that’s just one of my “talents” that I have taken with me here to Puerto Viejo, Talamanca, Limon, Costa Rica!

Now, I am not so “big of a fish” other than anyone else here, perhaps.  Yet, I have had many more experiences than most people, especially locals, as well as many Americans from the USA.  I have a few degrees that lend some credibility to my expertise in areas like education and sociology, not to mention “history”.  Just from my experiences, I have a plethora of knowledge and have learned to socialize with just about anyone on the planet … that I can think of … with whom I might want to socialize.  I continue my practise of yoga which I have expanded to include meditation as well as the concept of quantum physics which has become more investigated since there have been connections made between healing and internal human physics.  I always practice peace, friendship, love, harmony, communication and community.  The simple fact that I receive a pension “helps” me stand out a bit more because I do not have to work.  While the Caribbean atmosphere permeates even the “work world”, the people here hustle all day everyday to get what they need from life, be it a “pipa” the common word for a coconut, from which juice (water) and meat can be extracted and consumed, or a wild plant for seasoning, even spinach.  I walk slow everywhere everyday, thanks to my Creator, and am never hurrying, if I can help it.  So, I stand out … kind of like a “big fish”, if you will!

It’s nothing special that anyone can do if they put their mind, body and soul to it.  I mean, shucks, I see people putting their “mind, body and soul” into lies and deception, even fake personalities.  One day, I saw a guy tell some friends of mine that he was “someone else” who I also know and am friends with!!  I was like, “Damn!  This brother is trying to claim to be someone else, just so he can get to talk to some girls!”  That’s something else I do well because most women are not “threatened” by a “gentleman” … that’d be me … “Gentleman John”, if you will!

Monday is my mother’s birthday.  The moon is approaching a unique “Flower Full Moon” on Sunday and I am feeling a whole lot of love from the universe in celebration of Marietta Dolores Cook’s birthday,  RIP!  She would be 102 if still breathing, and she passed away at 88.  She had a good life, and my third manuscript is dedicated to her memory …

Enjoy your weekends and the Flower Full Moon!


John I. Cook, Director

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