“If It Ain’t One Thing, It’s Another!”

Happy Friday, All!

And it’s not as if you didn’t know “how I roll” … T.G.I.F.! … and then some!

Well, right out of the blocks, I wanted to re-emphasize what me and EE mean when we say, “Be The Best!”  While “life” should not be a competition thing, since we are all in it together, we should “compete” with OURSELVES!!  You know, like be better than you were yesterday.  It’s not so hard but it seems that “modern man” … yep I said it … emphasizes competition until it is destructive.  Consider simply trying to improve on “yourself” each day.  If you are a liar, tell less lies!!!  Crazy right?!  But we’ve got to start somewhere.  So don’t get it twisted, I emphasize “being the best that YOU can be”!

On the “personal” side, “things” … whatever that is nowadays … have calmed down.  I think that most of the folks that I have come into contact here have a better idea of who I “might” be … at least better than before.  While I have been use to being “the new kid on the block” many times in my life’s experiences, I haven’t often been considered “a big fish in a little pond”!  Yet, I know the concept as well as how it feels.  Some people like you … perhaps even respect you if you are a big fish in a little pond.  Still, there are others who may like you, but sure as hell don’t want you to know that!  It’s the competition thing … competition with another rather than with oneself!  And there are still others that I’ve noticed during these type of experiences who are so envious that they would do ANYTHING to discredit “the big fish” and try to make “it” miserable in the pond!!  “Hold everything!”  That won’t work with “me” because I “know myself” … I belong to no one … except the universe.

As I see it, the “damage control” and spiritual warfare tactics I employed were successful … so far!  Like I’ve always said, even when I traveled in Western Europe looking for a place to retire, “I didn’t come here for the drama!”  So, if that’s your “strategy”, count me out!  A few of the younger brothers who have seen me more than once commented something that caught my attention.  One tall brother with his girl, obviously both with a strong “grass roots” approach to life, called me “King”!  I had to look around a few times to see who he was talking to …  He was talking to me.  I wished them a good day, thanked them and continued on with my day.  Still, I was pretty impressed.  Yet, just yesterday, I saw the “guy” who had referred to me as “Big John” followed by a sarcastic laugh!  He said, “Hey Mr. King …”  Once again, I was astonished but flattered that this character had “changed his tune” … so far!  “One never knows … do one!”  And I am cool with that … it’s just that most “kings” have subjects … but I don’t!  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want any “subjects” … just a few friends might be fine at this point in my journey!!

Last night, I chatted with my friends from “El Puente/The Bridge”.  Nancy has scheduled a morning session with “Ivon”, the Bri Bri teen who takes individual English language studies with me, on Saturday.  I will be there though the “regular soup kitchen” will be closed for the month of May.  I am excited and looking forward to seeing Ivon, Barry and Nancy.  I have also gotten an invite to teach Spanish on Mondays at the “home school” setting in nearby Cocles to the younger group of students.  I debuted on Monday of this week, it was tough, but I got them to write a few pieces – poems and a short story during class … in Spanish!  The text is tough but if I study enough, I should be able to pull this off, too.  As the “Casa Azul” takes shape with some new, local-style throw rugs, a mask on the wall in the sitting room and a turtle shaped “coconut” decorative chime, as well as a “wind chime” hanging from the ceiling in the living/bedroom, I am feeling so much at “home” that I can’t imagine leaving here ….  I said it!  Yet, sometime during the summer, around my birthday in July, I plan to take a trip to Westchester County, New York to visit my parents and my oldest sister, Barbara Anne’s, grave site in the Kensico Cemetery, Valhalla, NY.  I ask the “universe” for permission and assistance in this endeavor, too!

Have a wonderful Friday and an awesome weekend, y’all!

Peace and Love,

John I. Cook, Director

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