It’s Not Easy Being “The Best”: DAMAGE CONTROL

Happy Friday, All!

What’s going on in YOUR neighborhood?  Is everyone “behavin'”?  Then, T.G.I.F. with me … either way, okay!!?

“Life  is like a box of chocolates … you never know what’s inside each one …”  (paraphrased from Forrest Gump)

One other quick quote comes from a Carlos Santana song:  “I am a product of my times!”  And even though we may not want to agree, they are pretty much true.  We don’t choose who our parent(s) are nor the neighborhood we grow up in.  We don’t have a choice in the color of our skin nor the church our parent(s) goes to.  Yet. we don’t HAVE to accept things … “hook, line and sinker”!  We can do some “independent research” because one thing we know, everyone is NOT the same while we do share many specific human characteristics.

I have always wanted to be “good at what I do” … be it the dishes or the design of my sideburns and mustache!  If I dress for work, I want to look “the part” of a teacher or a coach … maybe even a motivational speaker!  One thing about a small town like Puerto Viejo where I am currently residing is that everybody knows everybody else’s business … or at least they THINK that they do.  And if they don’t, a mofo will “make it up” in a heart beat …. just like folks do EVERYWHERE!  So, from time to time, one may need to do “damage control”.  I am usually a “loner” by design because I don’t do (refuse to do …) “hum drum drama”!  “He said, she said …” conversations have a very small place in my life.  I have always been “fact driven” because that’s the way “Big Ike” – my Dad – was!  Get the facts straight … or talk to “the hand”!  Of course, I don’t take issue with all the small stuff.  But when it gets to the big stuff … like who someone “thinks” I am and they don’t have the facts straight,  I have very little time for that type of person.  Most people call them “gossipers”.  Now you know like I know that in a small town, “gossip” reigns supreme.  People compete with the “better story” about what happened to “so and so”.  Freakin’ get a life!  Learn about “oneself” and what may make one want to indulge in gossip … or what may make one NOT want to indulge in “gossip” and seek a “higher calling”!  In short, “Know Thyself”!

One has to be careful in choosing a “friend” in a small town to which one has just arrived.  THIS is the main reason that I remain a “loner” pretty much.  I don’t “need” to see or talk to anyone each day or each event of my day because “I” make my own decisions about my life.  I have been doing it for over 50 years now.  So, if I haven’t consulted “you” in the past, I probably won’t need to “consult” you in the future!  Since I “don’t do gossip”, I don’t usually hear what “the word on the corner” is about me – John Isaac Cook.  Not that I give a flying horses tail but when I have to do “damage control” from the incorrect information of the “he said, she said”-ers, it helps to have some idea of what they might be putting out there.  Still, all in all, I just walk “a straight line” and work hard NOT to deviate from the reasons I came here!  If a person REALLY knows me, they will know those few reasons and will keep all that other “malarky” away from any conversation with me.  “Thank You!”

So, I get in my morning meditations as I consume a cup of curcuma/ginger/black pepper tea on the balcony at 6am.  My regular friends know the routine and I often see my “neighbors” Stu, Zoee and their daughter Amira in the morning as she catches her school bus.  Other than paying my rent every month (no, I can’t afford to buy property and worry each day about that, too!), pay my electric bill each month and keep some food in the fridge and water in a bottle, all that I have to worry about is pretty much taken care of.  Trust me, I didn’t come here (or anywhere else for that matter) to worry about what “someone else thinks of me”!  I know myself and I try to be the best “me” that I can be.  Trust me, it shows, too!  I am a true representative of what “Mary and Big Ike” wanted in their “baby boy”!  Don’t let gossipers change “who” you are nor consume too much of your precious time!

Enjoy your Friday and your weekends!


John I. Cook, Director

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