Show Some Love – Semana Santa 2019

Happy Friday, All!

I am going to give praises to “The Creator”, if you don’t mind!  T.G.I.F.!

Easter has been a celebration associated with “Christ rising from the dead” since I can remember.  How true the story is, I don’t know, because I wasn’t there.  It’s ironic to me that even during a “holy day” like this, people are “bashing” Jesus and Christianity.  I mean, put the “bashing” equipment away for a minute and give thanks that ones “sorry arse” is still alive to even think about bashing anyone or anything.  Now don’t get me wrong, “one can believe what one wants”.  But try to replace what “one” bashes with something more suitable to “one”, don’t just bash stuff …. any old animal can do that!!  “Keep it classy”!

This “Semana Santa”, I am spending with two house guests who are from Germany and Austria.  I signed up with “” just before the holy day week here in Costa Rica to “test the waters”, so to speak.  When I traveled across Western Europe last year, I stayed first in an AirBnB in Barcelona and then utilized for the rest of my journey there.  So, I thought I would check it out.  The two guests are friends and one is traveling to Bogota, Colombia and the other back to Vienna where her husband is still working.  I think Svenja said that he is from Togo, actually.  The young lady from Hamburg, Vera, is planning to go on to Bogota after this weekend.  They are very nice, purchase their own food and share with me as I don’t “charge” them “rent”, which is congruent with the concept of “couch surfing”.  I will remain here in Puerto Viejo and enjoy the “Pura Vida”!

A person, in my opinion, should develop a “gratitude” practice each day, or in my case it is several times a day.  I mean, I like to remind folks that “you didn’t create” YOURSELF … so get humble a few times a day and give thanks for having “a life” to contemplate and enjoy!  Whatever that “power” greater than ourselves is deserves some respect, unlike those of us who think that we were “borne” of our own volition.  How silly of us “egotistical” maniacs, heh?!?  If “we” or “you” are so powerful and creative, why don’t “we” or “you” figure out what is wrong with humanity … and correct it!!??  Tough job …. and nobody, not even “scrump” and his cronies seem to be able to do anything except point fingers and call names.  How hideous are some “leaders”!!  How even MORE hideous are some of “us” who follow those “leaders”.  “The Creator has a master plan.”  I am pretty sure that most of us “don’t” have a plan … just to follow the “lost leaders” some of us elected.

Whatever “you” do this “holy day” season, give it up for “a power greater than ourselves” … at least.

Enjoy your celebration of life, peace and love!


John I. Cook, Director

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