“Enjoy The Journey!!”

Happy Friday, wonderful people!

Perhaps a simple “T.G.I.F.” may suffice or a “thank you” to the Universe!

Life for me, indeed, is a journey, especially right about this time.  I am truly glad that I am “me”.  When I graduated from St. Paul’s, my yearbook quote was:  “Be yourself because “you” are YOU”!  We ALL can use a little bit of “home/self” improvement, so remember that you should “Be the best that YOU can be!”  Another and perhaps my favorite “slogan” associated with Educational Excellence is “Know Thyself”!  These are the three legs of EE.

Those of you who have been familiar with the blog and my non-profit volunteer oriented organization know that I simply try to emphasize the importance of “self education”.  My dad didn’t graduate from high school so he wanted to make sure I did.  I am the last of “Big Ike and Mary’s” four children.  I MUST represent … if only for them … and those who paved the way before.  My mother graduated from high school, had a tremendous aptitude for “formal learning” while “Ike” was a more “hands on” learner, you know … “Learn by doing”.  He was an expert auto mechanic and could fix just about anything that was broken … except a microwave or blender!  He was cool because he didn’t try to “put on” or pretend that he was someone or something other than what he was.  He was “the best that he could be”.  What about Y.O.U.?!?

It is interesting that I have been meeting “people” in Puerto Viejo who are very concerned with living a good life, healthy both physically and spiritually.  Indeed, these are “my kind of people”.  Here and now, I just enjoy doing my work on the third manuscript.  I wrapped up Chapter 5 yesterday and had so much information about that “part” of my early retirement training that it spilled over into a “new” Chapter 6!!  I found a nice spot on the floor in the bedroom/living room to sit on a cushion, look out over the balcony and write!  I am discovering more about my “self healing” and talking with people who also embrace the “power of meditation” in healing oneself.  I have a pretty good routine that I live by and thank God I have enough time to “care for myself”!

I tell my “stories” here about my life in hopes that someone and some of the readers will get a “clue”, and we each are capable of generating “clues”, and figure out a way to get “your talents” out to the thirsty masses.  My days are beautiful here, as is my lifestyle!  I have no complaints and seek only “truth and happiness” … for me and for you!  So, as you enjoy your weekends, also “enjoy the journey”!

Peace and Blessings!

John I. Cook, Director

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