Moving Right Along . . .

It’s Friday again, y’all!

Can we do that “T.G.I.F.” thing together?!?!  Remember, the option is yours!  So, T.G.I.F. this first day of March!  BOOM!

As one host of a segment on CNN said yesterday, “This has been the worst Black History Month EVER!”  Yep, folks were playing the “race card” with “props” in a United States Congressional hearing regarding more liars than I have seen in a loooong time!  My dad always told me two things:  1.  Don’t be crying racism, boy, ’cause they are doin’ it on purpose! and, 2.  You gotta be twice as good as them, son …”  So, when I am faced with racist comments or discrimination now …  I have a stockpile of “ammunition” in LANGUAGE and KNOWLEDGE that can get the attention of the worst racist so “it” can realize that “it” has a challenge on it’s hands, at least.  And there is more where that came from!

My health has been improving little by little due to the efforts of a variety of people from my yoga teacher and massage therapist to a local “Doctor Ricky” from Ohio who gave me an adjustment a month or so ago in my neck and spinal column which enabled me to stand upright even more!!  I can find myself “falling” in and out of a meditation in a moments notice, sitting by the beach or on the balcony of this “casita” I am now renting with an upstairs bedroom view through the trees right to the beach!  I don’t even have time to worry much about someone calling me a “childish archaic name” because they are envious of “how I roll”, which ain’t gonna change!  I am too busy enjoying the life that my Creator has paved the way.  Those “little” things like a racist or a bully simply are indicative of the FACT that “I have something that they don’t” … and it can’t be purchased.  I like to call it “class”.

After one month living here in this new location, I am feeling “at home”.  Yesterday, the “empleada” came and changed the sheets, swept and mopped the floors, even cleaned the bathroom and the shower.  After thanking her incessantly, I walked down to see “Miss Ana”, my land lady, and told her that I wanted to stay for a while and would be paying my rent today or tomorrow.  She replied, “You can stay as long as you like, Mr. John!”  This is the type of respect and treatment that I believe that I deserve from ANY fellow human being.  Enough said, so, if you can’t do that, please “stay in your lane”.  I appreciate you readers patience with me as I attempt to get more proficient or professional, whatever you want to call it, at these blog formats on social media as I try to pack in enough to get the message across.

Yes, indeedy as my friend “Petey” use to say, “Moving right along!”  Have a great weekend!


John I. Cook, Director

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