“We Are ONE!”

Happy Friday, All!
Yes, yes, y’all!  Time for a grateful T.G.I.F. even!  “Just Do It!” is still one of my favorite “slogans” in my lifetime!
This has been a pretty “power-filled” week for me.  I got a lot done in “my life” with things that are important to me.  My daughter reached out after I had contacted her a week or so ago and asked for my address . . .  I was flattered and honored!  It’s the “little” yet important things that make a person like me happy!  I am waiting for the “mail” to arrive and anticipate its contents.  Thanks, “Kid”!
This has also been a week when I learned the importance of “minding your own business”, as well as the power of my Creator and its many many resources, me included!  It’s a warm feeling when you know that you’ve done the best you can, all ones’ intentions are good … then the “universe” has got “your back”.  For me, all these “elements” are intertwined, kind of like us humans.  The Creator, “natural law”, divinity, “God” and the “universe” are all intertwined.  It would be a “fool-hardy” person who attempts to tamper with such “powers” … believe it or not!  I think of our connections as humans in the same way.  We are “weaker” when we separate “ourselves” … with some freaking policy of government or some housing zones or train tracks … or a color or religion.  As I sit here this morning composing this piece, I am looking at one of the most magnificent marvels of nature … the rain forest!  The peace and the power it commands is quite intriguing!  I wake up each morning, thank “Creation” for waking me, and then I immerse myself into the “universe” beyond the windows here.
I am a great music “aficionado”.  I enjoy classical, which I learned to play trombone with such tunes in 4th grade.  I marched in a band in “junior high” school toting my shiny trombone down the streets of White Plains for the Annual Memorial Day Parade with the “Highlands Jr. High School Marching Band”.  I played 2nd trombone in the orchestra, sitting next to Robert Boydstun who still plays his to this day.  We are still friends today though via Facebook.  The “silky soul” group called “MAZE” featuring Frankie Beverly has found its way back into my music playlist.  “We Are One!” has been stuck in my head for “dayssss” and the message has sunken in!  It was just before MLK, Jr. Day in the States and I encountered this tremendous music video by the group with footage of the struggles of “the people” in the States … the African American people in particular.  It is so well done, with footage of the “Civil Rights Movement”, Rosa Parks, Dr. King, Malcolm X, the March on Washington in which Dr. King delivered his “I Have A Dream!” speech, the “Black Panthers” and more!  I was born in 1954, so I witnessed the origins of the Civil Rights Movement and was able to take advantage of the opportunities that “opened up” for me, thanks to my mother’s intuition and guidance, and a lot of “lives lost” … men, women and children … of the Civil Rights Movement.
I am hoping that with the universal changes that some of the “gifted” humans can get on course to make some drastically needed changes.  I wonder if we had a “before” and “after” photograph of “The United States of America” … say in the early 1600’s … and lay it side by side to compare with one of say, yesterday 2019, to be exact!  Some of “us” would say, “Look at the progress!” while others might suggest that there is a lot of destruction that we “intelligent creatures” should have been able to avoid.  Perhaps, we as a species have been looking to develop “money” and “power” rather than seeking the enhancement and continuation of the human civilization.  Can you see that other things are important, like the planet on which we are doing all this stuff?!?  Or, are we too hungry for “material wealth, power and money”.  Those things alone will NOT continue “our” civilization.  In fact, many of us are becoming “savages” as we loose our way through the menageries of societies to build more “power and money” for the “political/economic elite”, which unfortunately, is an “illusion”.  It will be “gone” when “we” are “gone”, unless we decide to take some important steps to “save ourselves”.  “Let’s UNITE”!
In closing, y’all, “no matter what they do”, we are one!  “Our love will see us through, we are One!”  “Right from the very start, we are One!  Deep down in your heart, we are ONE!”
Have a wonder-filled weekend!
Peace and blessings,

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