What Is Karma?

Happy Friday, All!
Thanks for putting up with me!  I ain’t perfect but I know how to cheer “T.G.I.F.” every Friday!
Hopefully, there was no “huge” problem with getting last week’s e-mail yesterday, in particular those who didn’t sign up with Word Press yet to get the notifications.  Have you ever noticed that “you” were late realizing something?!  Like, that you had done something wrong, had even thought that “you” had gotten away with it until there was a “gentle reminder” from the “universe” that “it” knew that you had done something wrong?!?  Any of you readers believe in “karma”?  It takes some “maturity” and a lot of “spirituality” to realize that … “you ain’t foolin’ nobody but yo’self!”
Well, needless to say, I believe in “what goes around, comes around” … especially if “you” sent it!!  I don’t see how folks don’t understand that their behavior is being “observed” by “a power greater than ALL of us”!  I use to believe that there was like a “score card” on “good things done” in one column and “bad things done” in another column.  Once I realized that I liked doing “good things” more than “bad things”, I got rid of the “score card” concept, just to keep ME on the straight and narrow path.  I always feel better doing “good stuff”.  What about you?!?
Well, “life” here in Puerto Viejo is rather interesting from time to time, though my latest lesson has taught me to “stay to myself” unless genuinely invited otherwise!  “Coolness” for me.  Still, I have to remind myself “what I came here for” … to finish my third book!  I would also like to live in peace with the universe and have the best quality of life possible considering the challenges.  I am up for it, like I have always been for a “good time” or a “good game of anything”!  It’s so funny when I meet people here … who “think” they know me, but they don’t.  People still look at a “brother” like myself and imagine that I am “anything” other than what I really “am”.  Some people find it “hard” to believe because they are so “stuck” in the past and have never seen ‘the over-comers’ in person.  So, they go to what they have been taught either around the “dinner table” or hanging out with their favorite “chums”, probably also ignorant like them!  I love it when they finally realize that “they had me all … I said ALL … wrong!”  Either “they” smile and walk calmly away, probably angry because they were “wrong” about me … and they don’t like to be “wrong” about anything!  Or, they refuse to believe what they JUST learned … about me … from ME!  It was so funny, a guy who I thought “knew” me asked me in a rather “challenging tone”, “Why did you come here anyway?”  He already had some misinformation about me and some of the associates I have here so I knew he wasn’t ready for this!  I replied, “I came to finish my third book …”  You could hear crickets … and it was daytime.  I “dropped the mic” and walked away.  I am anxious to see his demeanor when we encounter each other again.
I have made a few mistakes in my life that I KNOW were “handled” by “karma” and my Creator, if you will.  One of the things that I always liked about the Bible was the many “scriptures” that still apply to our lives today … and always.  The “stories” are trying to teach us “humans” morality.  As you look around the world today, especially so called “leadership”, we can see that there is no longer any morality amongst THEM!  Now, I am NOT anti-atheist as long as “one” has morality.  Be what you want … just don’t pretend that you can “judge” me … ’cause we are pretty much the same.  I don’t need to do anything to you when you “offend” me (or anyone else) because the “universe” will GIVE YOU just what you need!  Of course, that might be a “swift kick in the a$$” from a mule, not the person you intended to offend! BOOM!
Let’s go forth with wisdom, kindness, pride for our existence, peace and love.  Challenge “evil” with “goodness”!

John I. Cook, Director

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