Apologize, Be Humble . . . Stand Tall!

It’s Friday again, Folks!  I am feeling chipper and grateful … simultaneously!!  So … “T.G. to the I.F.”!!
It’s the first Friday and weekend of the New Year!  What are you going to do with it!!?  I hope something worth your time and experience along the journey.
Hey, tell me (you) something … Is it hard to say, “Look, I am sorry for that comment … ” or, am I the only person who has trouble with that one?!  I am “my Father’s son” and he didn’t like to say he was sorry, let alone that he ever did something wrong!  As a result, sometimes, I am overly grateful or thankful (I might say “thanks” a bunch of times!), but I don’t shift into the “I am sorry” mode too easily.  Yet, me, like my Dad, had to learn that “we” do stuff that is incorrect sometimes …  He for sure did NOT like to apologize as he felt, I think, that it would erode part of his authority base in the home.  My mother would occasionally apologize on behalf of “Dad”, especially when he “went out on a limb” looking for a culprit of stolen cookies or “chump change” left on the kitchen table.
As the New Year and Full Moon got closer, I felt a variety of sensations in my body, emotions ebbed and lulled.  I realized that I had to make a long overdue amend to a person who had helped me out a few times, in particular when I struggled with one of my demons and was “under the influence”.  I fought that demon and won, though I am ever so careful of what I put inside my body today!  I reached out and made my amend, I felt better … I felt like I had permission from the “universe” to move on and continue on my journey.  This, according to astrologers, was the time for “new beginnings”, not just New Year’s Celebrations.  Many of us “miss” that journey within which sometimes culminates in tears of joy as well as tears of a forgotten pain we once had.  I have learned to apologize for my “poor decisions” nowadays because I have come to understand that no matter what … “We are ONE” and all connected in one way or another.  Yes!  I wanted to “get my balance on” and move forward into a new year with renewed hopes and aspirations, continued goals and good behavior, and as much “peace and love” as I can conjure up along the way!!  What about YOU?!?
Our “egos” as humans are often way too big.  As I learned in one 12-step program, “ego” stands for “easing God out” and letting that ultimate selfish demon “in”!  Oh, hell no!  In my past experiences, and there have been many, I have found that when I let the “ego” take over, everything is “fake”!  I don’t feel too good, I am not proud of myself … and I don’t like feeling like that!  It feels contrary to who I really “AM”!  How many of you readers “know thyself”?!  You can lie for a minute to yourself, but you’ll come around, hopefully sooner than later!  We each have a gift … it is called “the present” … and if we tarry with it too long, it becomes “the past” – gone!  Can we ever get those opportunities back again!??  Will we be able to “recognize” the opportunity the next time the “universe” gives “us” a present moment to enjoy and evolve?!?  I hope so, folks!  It works for me.  I can apologize, being very humble, I can regroup … so far … and I can once again “stand tall”!
Make some changes, if necessary.  Be honest with YOURSELF with those changes …  In other words, “know thyself” a la Educational Excellence!  Enjoy your day and have a wonderful weekend!  Thanks so much for reading.

John I. Cook, Director

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