Just So You Know . . .

Happy Friday, All!
Since this is the last Friday of 2018, let’s do it up with a super grateful “T.G.I.F.”!  Alrighty then!!
By now, I think most of the readers of the e-mail messages/blog posts via Word Press and Facebook have a decent idea why I write these.  I have been told that “You think you’re so smart!” and “I guess you think that you are never wrong!”, which couldn’t be further from the truth!  I write what I think that most people DO NOT want to write about or address or think about anymore.  We have been freaking robotized into nothingness … which isn’t a bad start for the next level but we need thinking and feeling people for this “love revolution” … not robots!  We need folks who “know who they are” so they cannot be deceived by the “perpetrators”.  The “perpetrators” are those who “pretend to be down” but are not serious.  In other words, “love”, “peace”, “freedom”, “tolerance”, “acceptance”, “respect”, etcetera are simply “catch phrases” to be thrown about from time to time while “they” do nothing!  Now, it’s okay to “do nothing” but please, don’t get in the way of people who are serious about making needed changes … if only for themselves!  I try to be a “good person” because I think it is in harmony with nature and the goodness of us humans … not for any reward or recognition!
Many folks do stuff for the recognition and to be acknowledged.  If they don’t get that … and especially if they see someone else getting that “attention” … they go “buck wild” or “postal” as we have seen in the USA … over and freaking over again.  “I can’t …” is the only thing I can say about the situation there (and many other places in the world, too!)  This is the ONLY time that I will say “I can’t …” about something and that is the apathy and “sheep-like” behavior of the so-called “citizens” of the United States.  Horror after horror, tragedy after tragedy, shooting after shooting, racist excuses after racist excuses … I don’t want to hear it anymore!  Somebody Do something!  That’s why I write … I am doing something!  Hopefully raising my consciousness and a few of the readers, too!  I am thinking “outside of the box”  (WHAT box!?!) and seeking alternatives to “what we have been told”.  People nowadays are masterminds of “lies”.  It is sickening to me to be talked to by a person who is telling lies.  I would just as soon walk away from the mofo!  In fact, I give my friends, readers included, permission to “walk the hell away from me” if you think I am off base and lying to you … knowingly lying, of course.  Sometimes people “embellish” stuff while others just plain old lie about stuff!  My ex-friend from the States said to me, after calling me the n-word, that he is NOT a racist!  I am (was) trying to understand the psychology behind such a stupid statement but it is just that … a cover up for acute stupidity!  You don’t have to agree with me … I know!
These Holy Days have been incredible for me.  With the full moon and the Winter Solstice and the energy of Cancer, I was a spiritual mess!  I had a lot of stuff to figure out, and those things I couldn’t figure out, the universe just “shoved” me there!  I was shoved out of “nasty” people’s way, others “left town” to return at a later date, I had peace on “Christmas Day” and I didn’t celebrate anything other than “Gratitude” these “Holy Days”.  Shucks, I even cried a few times … mostly tears of joy, though I miss my parents like crazy.  I thought about my brother Henry Charles Cook aka “Hank” who committed suicide in Broward County Florida apparently out of depression and over intoxication.  I remembered my sister, Barbara Ann Powell (Cook) who had probably the roughest life I have ever witnessed so “up close and personal” and the day they found her murdered in her apartment in Mt. Vernon, NY … I thought about her kids … my niece and my nephew … we don’t get along so well …. seldom communicate.  I thought about my sister in Port St. Lucie, FL and our “strained relationship” … and her kids … and grandkids.  I was grateful to see my own child have a strong recovery from a heavy setback and give her son, my only grandchild, a wonderful Christmas.  I am just overall grateful to be where I am … one year living in Puerto Viejo, Limon, Costa Rica!  “Pura Vida!”
All of this is “Just So You Know …” you can “cut me off”, get rid of, stop communicating with me or reading me if my messages are too strong.  Sometimes I am like a pure drug or strong medicine – take “me” at your own risk!  I am bound to get a reaction.  Feel free to tell me, educate me, ’cause I want everyone to know as close to the truth as possible … “so help me God”!  (Nothing worse than a stupid person who doesn’t even care that they are in such bad shape!)  I was talking with a friend also from the states … a white guy … telling him my story with the “n-word” and how I was trying to be the character’s friend.  He said, “Some people have no morals!”  It kind of hit the nail on the head.  This guy doesn’t even care how stupid he sounds, he just wanted to offend me because he is less intelligent and I outshine his crusty ass!  But, I am not trying to outshine anybody!  I am trying to live MY BEST LIFE!  And if someone has a problem with that, that person has a SERIOUS problem!  Mainly because, I ain’t changing nor become more “flexible” so mofos get comfortable calling me the “n-word” around here.  I have a prepared presentation called, “From the Projects to Princeton”, for those needing a crash course in “Overcoming Racism  101”.
Is it so hard to RESPECT your fellow “humans” and the planet we were bestowed with to “get along and thrive”?!  If it is, maybe “you” should use your “super powers” and get lost so we can save the planet and humanity! If  not, we will destroy ourselves … one creature at a time …  Take the high road and seek our divine qualities rather than greed, deceit, corruption and turmoil.  Remember, you don’t have to agree with me nor like me (nor each other!)  Just show some “respect” so we can all get a long!  Enjoy these Holy Days and embrace the New Year – 2019!

John I. Cook, Director

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    Hey, 33 Fisher Ave ( Dean, Lacion…. ) Enuf said!!! Email bak



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