What’s In A “Friend”?

Happy Friday, All!
Once again, I’m in it … this thing called “life in the present”!  I think a cool T.G.I.F. might be appropriate here!
I woke up early for this one because I want to put an “issue” that is very important to me to rest.  In fact, there are two issues.  The first one, as one of my dual mottos for EE is – “Know Thyself”.  The second is – spiritual people don’t have to be your “whipping board”!  Cool?  I am listening to howling monkeys, roosters, and a variety of birds of all sizes here in the Caribbean right now as I write this.  I NEVER thought that I would be here at this time in my life.  Thank you, “universe”.  Om shanti …
It’s been a decent week for me … looking at my second yoga class this week!  I am taking All of these vitamin supplements from “Ortiga Mayor” (Stinging Nettle) and collagen (like 6 tablets a day) and I am still taking at least one prescription (diclofenac) anti-inflammatory combined with a pain reliever as well as an alternate dose of CBD/thc when I go out, do yoga or when I need to sleep.  I never thought I would be smart enough to be my own doctor either!  Thus, “know thyself” is important here, too.
Are you the kind of person that would be a good “friend” to someone?  Would “you” choose YOU to be your best friend?  In that case, “you” must be a good person with positive vibrations and values.  To be a good friend, you would have to “know yourself” and speak up when offended.  My father drilled this into my head in his own way.  He taught me to work hard and be very proud of my hard work.  He taught me to get along with ALL people but allow NO ONE to “walk all over you”, as was the expression in our household when someone had been disrespectful to one of the other family members.  This is where children learn important values from their parents and both of my parents were involved in instilling those “oh so important” values in us so we could live a quality life.
This last incident with the “American guy” who decided that “you (I) are giving the black culture the niger name” … as I quote again … I had to look at my notes because I have never heard anything so ridiculous as that in all MY life … is going to close … I hope!  There was an event of a good friend that I was fortunate enough to meet here in Puerto Viejo who is “indigenous”, well educated, well respected in the community, tri-lingual and a hard worker who does a lot of work at Casa Amma alongside an American woman from California.  His name is Leo and it was his birthday.  Upon entering the gathering after getting out of a local taxi, I was met with a bunch of kind hellos as I spotted the “character” with his mother and step dad.  Amidst the warm hellos, I heard: “Hey John, we’re all friends here!”  I think fast, sometimes too fast and incorrectly, but I know what his step dad was after.  I continued past the “character” not speaking nor acknowledging his presence (do I owe him or anyone else something special, like a “walk all over me”?!?) and extended my hand to his step dad and mother as well as a host of others.  As I approached a group of people who offered me a seat, I replied: “Yeah, that’s all based on how you talk to people.”  I am hoping we are done …
Spiritual people DO talk back to you.  Spiritual people of this day and age do NOT have to let “you” walk all over them.  Spiritual people just might use profanity to get their point across!  (That last one is a far stretch … yet it is me … and I want to be included in the spiritual group!)  Okay, hopefully you catch MY drift and “my” take on this subject.  I mean, don’t talk to me at ALL … UNLESS you anticipate that I just might respond.  That response might not be what you want … so … treat ME with much respect!  Treat each other with the same respect that we want.
Have a great Friday and a wonderful Holy Day Weekend!  Keep it real, you hear!?!

John I. Cook, Director

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