Let’s Do This Holy Day Season “UP”!

Happy Friday it is …  and a T.G.I.F. shout out to my Creator!
I hope all is well for each of you.  I am just glad that I can share these words with you!!
Did you “come up short” of your goals .. dreams … etcetera … this year?  Were they realistic ones, worth your time and energy, not just a carrot dangling in front of you to make you run faster?!?
Every year around this time, folks like me and you decide to make some goals commonly called “New Year’s Resolutions” or “tips for self improvement”.  Often times, due to the rat race and our overindulgence in “commercial things”, we NEGLECT OURSELVES!  I know, I know … right about now there is a chorus in the background singing, “Not mee … mee … mee … meeeee!”  Well, all that neglect stuff is out the window for me.  I only have so much time left … so I am going to maximize my experiences.  I am not sure what the “next step” is on this journey, but I want to be as prepared as possible and to have gotten all I can from the current experiences.
When I taught high school in White Plains, the Holy Day Season was a time of tremendous emotional “changes”.  Some folks were very happy and excited … while on the other hand, some folks were desperate and feeling lost.  Shucks, I remember one year on Christmas Day … I had to move!  There were no options … so … I think I spent the day in my car on Ft. Lauderdale Beach!  Shortly after I had informed a few of my friends of my situation, they came through to “help a brother out”.  After the Holy Days, I am planning to visit some of those very same folks.
I am fortunate to have struggled through some tough times on my own so I know how deep you have to dig for that “self love” when nobody else can be there for you.  This is where spiritual strength and conditioning come into existence.  It is this time of year when people “fall apart” out of jealously, envy or pure greed.  Back in boarding school in New Hampshire, circa 1970’s, we used an expression for things that we wanted to do well.  It was: “Let’s do this up!”  It was our motivation to, say for example, request a Third World Center for the “minority students” that attended this prestigious boarding school.  After all, we came to “diversify” things so .. it was only reasonable for the administration to help us “feel at home”.  I was the co-chairperson of the Third World Coalition which served to represent the needs of the newly accepted “minority students” who were invited to make St. Paul’s School a little more like “the real world” …  I think that they did a good job for us.  Besides, I am still here some 50 years later with “fond memories” of my boarding school days.
So, if you catch my drift, keep an eye out for each other during these days.  Some folks need “our love” … don’t be cheap.  It’s free to say a kind word or give a warm look and a smile to someone.  As the expression goes, “You never know what someone is going through …”  And in these times when humans focus more on “separation” of each other by religion, customs, appearance, etcetera, may we focus on “unity, harmony, respect, peace … and love” … ALL are FREE to give.  So let’s do this holy day season up right!
In the meantime, have a great weekend!

John I. Cook, Director

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