“Slow Your Roll” … The Universe is in Charge!

Happy Friday, I am grateful to proclaim!  If you like, join me in thanking our Creator for another opportunity to get this thing right! So … uh … T.G.I.F.!
Well, I am going on a year living in Puerto Viejo, Limon, Costa Rica now, officially December 25th.  I have seen and heard some things that you wouldn’t believe.  It’s all cool.  People are going through their changes, everybody on a “mission”, including me.  A few weeks ago, an apparent “deal” of some sort went “bad”, the “bad guy” was here in “Puerto” as we call it for short, got caught up and shot … yes and died!  Another “incident” occurred where several stores/restaurants owed back rent to a guy … who has been incarcerated for a few years.  Yet, he owns the property where this very popular “fish joint” was as well as a bicycle shop and yet another “high end” fish joint.  The people refused to pay the two years of rent to his mother!  Rumor had it that they were trying to “bully” or “take” the venues from the mother rather than pay their rent!  The Police came out armed one evening and shut them all down, forcing them to put their chairs, cooking materials, etcetera, into the street!  So, while there is an opportunity to be peaceful, there are just as many opportunities to create “drama”.
A little update on the last message from me and EE, yes I know that we are one and the same: I met the guy who I had paid back the $10.00 to as well as his nephew.  They are from Western Canada.  The favorite nephew of this guy who has a decent “retirement” income but simply drank too much came to Puerto Viejo to make sure “Uncle Al” was okay and safe from a multiplicity of “scam artists” who appear when it is clear that someone is “not clear” on what they are doing … aka drunk!  “Big Al” as I liked to call him was a frequent target, I had heard, since his favorite watering hole was on one of the main streets in the center of town.  I told them what had happened and that I had paid “Al” back … and they both were cool and agreed not to quibble over $10.00.  The guy who had been messaging me about “Al” is an … what else … an American …  where else do you learn hideous words to hurl at people when “you” are losing!!?
 Next, I noticed that some people here have a problem with “what I do”, volunteering to teach English and writing motivational (hopefully) pieces and blogging.  But more so, “they” have a problem … imagine that … with how many talents I have been able to develop in my life … like speaking Spanish and teaching both English and Spanish … and anything else!  As a person with a “sociological approach” to understanding the world and people, I look at the world as a “laboratory”.  I look at the variables, the folkways and mores, the goals and values and I am able to come to some “hypotheses” as to why people do certain things.  For example, I have deduced that “racism” is a mental illness and that the people who suffer from it have low self esteem and need to put someone else “down” in order to feel remotely human.  Believe it … or not!  If you can only imagine how many times I have seen, heard … darn near smelt a racist as “it” approached me!  My “racist radar” goes off and I become like I often was in “the States” keeping an eye over my shoulders and in the “flight or fight” mode to protect myself from the hostile behavior.  Long story short, me and the Canadian guys are cool and me and the American guy are “finished” as associates!  I damn sure didn’t come here for that racist “drama”.  The guy from the States even went as far as to tell me once that he meditates, which I doubt, though I have seen him volunteer for the “soup kitchen” as well as the activities surrounding “Casa Amma”.  I lived 64 years without “Casa Amma”, let me see if I can do another 40 or so without it!  I am cool!  I can meditate from my studio … he can enjoy the “limelight” of his “friends”.  I don’t need it …
Sometimes, us “humans” get so much into the “control mode” where we want to control others … but NOT OURSELVES!  Look at the “current creature” in the White House of the USA … he is freaking “out of control” …. and it’s scary!  So, I am planning to hang out here in Puerto Viejo, stay away from “stateside racists” and misfits and heal and love.  I am not in competition with ANYONE  … though some may feel the need to get into competition with me … and try to “put me down”!  So check yourself, let “the universe” do its job!  It was here before ALL of us and will be here when all we are is “dust in the wind”!
Peace be with you ALL,

John I. Cook, Director

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