“Watch The Birdie!”

Happy Friday, All!
And a wonderful uplifting T.G.I.F. to each and every one of you!   Take it to your Creator and give thanks!
Well, most of you “readers” know me from personal contacts along my journey while others have only met me through the internet and my blog and/or two books.  You probably know that I traveled Europe last year looking for an affordable place to retire and finish my third book.  I experienced some horrific times as well as more wonderful times.  I received and took advantage of an excellent education but also found that there is more to  life than that.  So, “Educational Excellence” became a spiritual organization with me as the sole proprietor to encourage people to embrace acquiring an excellent “spiritual education” as well.   The third book will focus on how I was able to “push through” some very challenging times in the USA and seek retirement abroad.  It is also about how I handled all the racism hurled at me as I tried to navigate my way through a system that once had my ancestors enslaved.
Yesterday, I had my second encounter with the “ignorance of racism” here in Puerto Viejo.  The first incident was one when a native “Tico” from Grecia, CR approached me with his hand extended and said, “Hey, my nigg-r!”  I asked him if he was talking to me and he said yes.  I asked him to NEVER talk to me again.  He didn’t and I haven’t seen him since he came back from an alcohol rehab with a cast on his right leg. He must have offended someone else who took it a lot more seriously than I did.  Some people don’t know about “karma” and it has nothing to do with “anyone getting back at you”.  The second one was yesterday when a person decided that they wanted to get involved in my business of ‘NOT SPEAKING’ nor socializing with someone who had questioned my integrity over $10.00, which I borrowed and paid back in a few days.  When I gave the person I had borrowed the $10.00 back, which I needed at the time, he was drunk and didn’t remember.  So, one of his “drinking buddies” who also was an associate of mine decided that he wanted to “take the side of the drunk” and questioned my integrity as well.  I thought that rare.  I just distanced myself from “the drunk” who is not a local and continued on my path.  This “former friend” continued to “give me updates” about this “drunk” and telling me that he “hopes I have a witness” that I paid him back!  I am like, “Wt@”!  I started distancing myself from him, too.
Unfortunately, he thought he was dealing with a fool.  How could that be?  He wrote me several messages telling me the “drunk” had fallen and has diabetes and needs to stop drinking.  I asked him why he kept telling me about this guy who I had no interest in speaking about or to.  This “friend” and his meddling self was seeking a way to “judge me” but I didn’t know why, though I had an idea.  This wasn’t MY first rodeo with a racist.  So, I told him in my street savvy manner, “I don’t give a fu-k about him!”  The former friend continued in another long message, “Oh from your vulgar words, you must be guilty!”  So, I wrote back, “Guilty of what?  Not giving a fu-k?!  Now that’s correct!”  I thought the conversation was over but I knew he wanted to “say” something else.  He did … “Your really giving the black culture the niger name.”  The fool can’t even spell the word and wants to use it!  This character wouldn’t stop writing me messages, as he had often done before well into the night and early in the morning.  I tried to be his “friend”.  But, he doesn’t know nor respect who or what I represent, which is peace and harmony amongst ALL people.  I told him that I would post his remarks on Facebook and he dared me to, citing that “everybody loves me (him), cept you (me)”!  I told him in some more vulgar terms what he could do and what I thought he was …
He wrote some other ignorant crap to me telling me that if I “posted” what he said and we had discussed, I would make myself look bad!!  So, here it is!  How do I look?!?  Feel free to reply.  “Watch the birdie!”  “Gotcha!”
I continue to seek love and peace and work on my third manuscript.  I continue to heal amidst the challenges, minding my business and staying to myself!  My Creator knows who I am!

John I. Cook, Director

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