Happy Friday, All!
You can join me if you like ’cause you already know how I roll … “T.G.I.F.”!
As I look around the landscape of my own mind from time to time, especially during a meditation or what we use to call “day dreaming”, I notice patterns … colors and shapes of different sizes.  Yes, they are kind of floating in the quantum field of darkness.  Some times that darkness is blue.  Other times it goes between black and blue.  On a few occasions when I think I had reached a certain level or frequency of “energy”, if you will, there appeared to be bright flashes of white lights with blue often in the midst of the flashes.  Yet, in the overall “picture”, I see harmony.  No crashes nor collisions, nothing stops but everything remains very fluid … moving incessantly.  I would dare to state that everything is moving in harmony; yet, all the things one envisions are NOT the same.  Perhaps, like the humans on the planet Earth!
I continue to look for ways to maintain a good quality of life.  It’s funny because many people dare to “diagnose” you as the woman did where I first lived in Puerto Viejo.  Others seek to make their own progress reports on YOUR healing … without being asked.  That’s okay.  It is in moments like this where I remember one of “Big Ike’s” favorite lessons:  “Don’t waste your precious time trying to tear other people down.  Use that time instead, son, to build YOURSELF up.  Decent people can see the difference!”  I have done this a lot since my first years at St. Paul’s when I had complained to my parents about a few apparently racist remarks from some of my fellow students there.  That lesson from my Dad, who was not even a high school graduate, helped propel me beyond some of the nonsense I encountered right through my years at Princeton and into my professional career as a teacher.  I am pretty much the same today, though I have also learned to give a tongue lashing, if necessary, to any foolish unsuspecting soul who tries to “put me down”.  I also learn, as a result, to behave the way I should!
While I don’t really celebrate Halloween, I did go out to a place here that relocated from just outside of town to directly in the middle of town called “The Point”.  I had a great time just sitting and listening to a new friend and his band playing some serious Caribbean style music.  The bass player had a one string bass on a wooden stick placed into a square shaped wooden box!  Hey, I don’t know if you’ve ever seen one of these, not to mention if you’ve ever seen one played!  It is a sight to see, as the bass player’s whole body is involved in making that ONE string sing!  While there, the wife of this new friend informed me of some “medical procedures” she had received recently to aid in reducing discomfort in her hips.  It is a type of treatment where one takes plasma from the patient’s body and injects it into the hips,  as in my case and in hers.  There is another treatment at this same “holistic” doctor’s office where they are actually perfecting “transplanting” stem cells to areas of a patient’s body where newly generated cells are needed.  I’ll simply say that “Pamela” danced ALL night … I sat and watched though I got up before I left to chat with a few friends and “saunter” around a bit, if you catch my drift!
Well, I am going to stay with a schedule where I do yoga one day a week and seek to get a massage once a month.  This past Tuesday after I saw one of the guys practicing his shots for “Wednesday Afternoon Basketball by the Beach”, I went out there with him.  I got a few rebounds for him and passed the ball out so he could take another shot.  I hadn’t been on a basketball court in over two years since at those in LA Fitness of Ft. Lauderdale.  One thing I am learning to do more and more in my self healing is seeking that “harmony” that I observe in my meditations.  I encourage my body to seek that same harmony with all of its parts.  Who knows, maybe us “humans” can learn to live in a “unified” field here in harmony in this dimension (and perhaps others) of space!
Enjoy your November, as Autumn sets in in many places on the Planet.  Treat each other well and notice the difference in YOUR own state of well being!

John I. Cook, Director

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