“That’s For The Birds!”

Happy Friday, ALL!
It’s that time again … the weekend, “Baby”!  So here’s my T.G.I.F. to get it started for me.  Do your thing!
This message is one of those “swan song” type things … where somebody is “going somewhere” for a while or forever … like from a job or something.  It’s just that I am not “planning” on going anywhere … just seeking to modify the contact method for those interested in following Educational Excellence.  I am sure that you readers can tell that this “work” means a lot to me … hopefully … it means a little “something something” for “youse”!
From where I sit in my studio, I see the tops of the trees and watch the birds whirl in between each other and do some incredible stuff.  There are even a couple small yellow bellied birds that like to come and sit on my open windows while I am writing on the computer or listening to tunes on the bed!  They just sit there, chill … look around and even chirp occasionally.  There is a streetlight fixture just outside my window, maybe 20 meters sitting almost as high as the window.  These large vultures come on a regular basis, and three sometimes four of them perch there on the light fixture doing their things!  Just this morning, I saw what I thought was a tiny bird, not a humming bird type of tiny, but it was black with a fire engine red throat area all the way to the tail.  The rest of the bird was black!  It sat at the top of the reddish flowered tree just outside my window.  I admire their freedom … their agility and speed as well as precision.  After watching them a little bit, I say: “That’s for the birds … but I want to be like them!”
I have been doing some tests and research on myself … other folks should get involved in this type of thing, too!  As we say here at EE: “Know Thyself!”  Of course, I got that from the ancient Greek “philosoph” Socrates … and he got it from someone else … and now WE can use it, too.  I try to move away from the “separation” type of thinking … everything being an “either”/”or” choice … not united.  As I did in my meditation this morning, I perceive ALL Creation as ONE!  I joke a lot, but I am serious, too, sometimes … when someone asks me, “Which one do you want?”  I say, “I’d like a little of each, please!”  The meditation I have been practicing is coming around well.  On off days, like yesterday, since I did yoga only Wednesday this week, I felt like there was some progress in my walking.  I felt sturdier, taller and straighter as I reached my head towards the sky.  I try to meditate at least two to three times a week.  Early mornings, like today at 4am, I find it easier to locate that quiet place … and dwell there!  Today, at 4:15am, I had to use the restroom … in the middle of my meditation!  So, I took care of that task, came back and sat “L-shaped” on my bed … and entered the “quantum field” after a few deep breaths.  The goal of meditation is to slow down ones breathing so that one can “commune” with other “higher levels” of frequencies, if you will, where one may locate some “healing energies” … electricity … if you will!  I am feeling something in the improvement area.
I figured out, pretty much with the help of a few friends, what the issue is behind the “Big John” story.  It’s kind of simple … yet, funny to think that folks are worried about me attracting some of “their” women, if you know what I mean.  (If you don’t, send me a reply!)  You know, I’ve made some mistakes in my life … I try to learn from them.  I am hard on “myself” and am rather “overly” disciplined on myself sometimes …  I feel like me and my father all “rolled into one”!  It’s cool with me, though.  It’s like having that “built in” friend to nudge me a little when I stray from the “divine course(s) of action and energy”.  I’ve said this once about “Big Ike” and I’ll say it again:  “I know he loved me though with TOUGH LOVE”,  and … “He knows that I will always do my best … to make them proud!”  My grandson’s birthday party was a success last weekend in NYC, apparently from the photographs that Ayanna posted on social media.  I am so proud of her to have “pulled up her bootstraps” when a problem hit hard, moved on and took care of business … WITH her son Caleb Isaac!  I love you BOTH!
So, in closing, feel free to let me know if the option to sign up with “Word Press” to receive notifications when I post a blog works for you.  I am planning on posting every Friday until the manuscript, which I am on Chapter 4 of, is completed!  I am sitting here looking out my window at the treetops amidst the gently falling and cleansing rain … thinking how much love I have to give to “the world”.  Are you thinking: “Ha!  That’s for the birds!”?  And you may well be right …  But the natural freedom could serve YOU well, too!  Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend.  Thanks for reading.

John I. Cook, Director

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