Taking It ALL In … And Letting Go!

Happy Friday, y’all!  I want to do my “T.G.I.F.” dance first … not so pretty but I’m doing it!
Now, I want to wish my one and only grandson, Caleb Isaac Belton, a Happy 3rd Birthday!  Yaaay!  I don’t remember when I was a baby.  But I do remember holding his precious little body in my arms in Port St. Lucie, Fl just a few months after he was born when my daughter, Ayanna Lynne, graced us with a visit!  He looked up at my round bald head as it glistened in the sunlight in the backyard of my sister’s villa and tried to fathom what was going on as he was passed from one person to another … me and Ayanna!  Wishing him a great day with lots of love and light!
Life for me is a constant journey.  In other words, just when I think that “things are clear” and “people understand me”, here comes another little “life episode”!  Sometimes, especially when I am misunderstood to be someone of less intelligence, less character … and less love, I want to act immediately and “straighten that person/situation out”.  I am learning that that is not so wise, especially when you have the “universe” to help you clear things up.  Just a few weeks ago, I may have mentioned here, someone misunderstood a compliment that I gave her and sought to “use something I never said” against me!!  I mean, it’s okay for a person to “do their imaginary thing” … you dig … just try to leave ME out of it!!  We got past that, thanks to the “universe” and timing and patience … here I go again … and love, it all worked out.  Now lately, I have had a few “meetings” with a younger brother here who seems NOT to like the fact that some of my more supportive and perhaps “American friends” call me “Big John”!  So, yesterday I see him riding his bike on one side of the street and I am walking on the other side.  I wave and say “Hey Man!”.  He looked at me with kind of a smirk and says, “Big John … heh!”, as he continued riding by almost mocking me.  I like stuff like this because “mofo’s” don’t know that I don’t give a … (you guys finish it!) about what someone ELSE thinks about the name my father gave me or anything else that the “universe” provided me with along my journey!  No … I don’t fight anymore … it’s been a long time and I would probably lose!!  But I’ve been known to straighten out the “average egotistical character” with a few choice words, usually NOT profanity!  I don’t fear death because it’s part of the journey … That would be like fearing getting up in the morning … and I know some people do … peace be still!  I don’t … thanks to my Creator!
So, that situation kind of tells you where “I am at” on this lovely Friday with a weekend on our hands to spend as we can.  I enjoy continuing yoga because it provides me with a few minutes of “moving meditation”, so to speak, and the tranquility to move my body around on the open floor and seek healing positions while breathing deeply.  I admit, I need two days in between to take it easy, recover and lounge around before the next yoga class … or massage.  Yes, I still do my early morning meditations be it at 1am or 4am … or sitting at the beach after a nice cool adult refreshment … or even walking down one of Puerto Viejo’s familiar country-style streets.  I take as much time as I can looking up at the sky, breathing and filling my lungs with fairly fresh air … and let it all go!  Besides, my Creator’s got this!  Enjoy the journey!

John I. Cook, Director

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