“Nobody Has To Do Anything For You . . .”

Happy Friday, All!
And a “T.G.I.F.” to your Creator, too!
For me, when I learn something, sometimes it takes a few lessons.  I need to learn it “all the way”.  I just got sight of a “lesson” that I needed to learn.  It’s called, “don’t overdo it when you get [rejected]!”  I have never done well with rejection of any type, be it a sales call for a marketing company or if someone I am interested in is NOT interested in me … perhaps, at the moment … or EVER!  Ha!  But I think I got it this time at the ripe old age of “sixty-something”!
So, what happened was … I mentioned to my daughter that I wanted to come for a quick visit to see she and my grandson (only ONE!), Caleb Isaac, for his third birthday …  I told her that I could fly into White Plains/Westchester/Armonk Airport in New York and asked her to meet me and she said it is too far away from her in Connecticut to drive …  So, me, I “over does it” a bit and I tell her that I will try to rent a car.  I was already looking in to lodging and found one maybe 10 miles away from White Plains in Nyack, NY right next to Westchester County that would run a bit over $250 for three days.  So, after checking everything out and trying to put together a budget that would allow me to take the trip … without running out of money in New York … I realize that it is “too tight”!  My stress level went up and I “danced with the drama” for a few days, perhaps a week.  I was checking prices on my cellphone and checking them on my laptop.  I was walking around thinking of how I could do this trip … so my daughter would know how much I care about she and Caleb!!  Is “care” always highlighted with “money”?  Is stress often affiliated with how much money one does NOT have?  So, Ayanna Lynne and Caleb, I love you guys!  But … I can’t afford the trip right now … without stressing!  I already know that stress is not good for my nervous system nor my health in general.  I also know that THIS is NOT a reason I came to live in Costa Rica … Puerto Viejo to be exact!  I came to relax and heal, “chill” and enjoy each day in a great climate with yoga and massages when possible.  I am just able to pay for everything (just paid my monthly rent) and a few bills, like the darn ticket I got in Ft. Lauderdale for “walking in the street on the 4th of July” and I had to pay $80.00 to the judge who allowed my attorneys to represent me in court, no points no fine no driving school!!!  [How brilliant of that judge!]
I sent my elementary school mate  a message asking if he could host me and he said “he’d get back to me”.  Clue:  Postpone the trip until you are more comfortable …  “Brilliant of me, too!”  I think back to my dad, “Big Ike”, and how he came to New York’s Harlem with my “momma” and once settled, went back to North Florida and picked up HIS mother and moved her to a room in a house just across the street from the Projects in White Plains!  Can you say:  “He loved his Momma, too!”?!?  That’s the man who taught me one of his hardest life lessons – “no one has to do anything for you, anyway!”  So, I don’t fault anyone, of course, I just wanted to see my family!  Yet, it is Caleb Isaac’s third birthday and I am sure he will have a few more!  I also can wait a few more months, maybe ’til Spring, and get up to the cemetery to visit the family burial plots and Mom, Dad and big sis Barbara’s graves.  I am planning to postpone the trip.  Lesson learned:  “Don’t stress”!  [’cause nobody has to do anything for you anyway!]  BAM!
Have a great weekend, please … and don’t stress!
John I. Cook, Director

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