Happy Friday, All!
You “guys” know my drill of gratitude with the T.G.I.F. – thing, right!!?!  So, join in if you like!
Just yesterday, I was looking at social media photos in my phone and came across a photograph of my old 1999 Jet Black Honda Night Hawk “Cruiser” … 750cc’s to be exact!  Hey … I haven’t had girlfriends … definitely not a wife for 7 years.  But the faithful Night Hawk motorcycle took me through some of my life’s most serious episodes, cruising up and down I-95 from Ft. Lauderdale to Daytona Beach or Orlando to work for ACORN …  Of course, “she” also introduced me to this phase of my life where I am seeking to heal and at least have a decent “quality of life” in my retirement.  The accident, methinks, caused by an over-inflated “ego” challenging asphalt, concrete, steel and metal has served to slow me down during this phase of my journey.  Maybe now … I can smell the flowers along the way!
I realized something yesterday as I am seeking to organize the next few months of my retirement including healthy activities, cooking and yoga, meditation and moderation in ALL things that I do.  I don’t have any interest in unnecessary drama.  I don’t want to be “type cast” in someone else’s “play” on life.  I have my own to deal with … my OWN goals and dreams and aspirations of spreading peace and humility around the planet in my own way … the main vehicle to do so being “unconditional love”.  I don’t know about you but I feel so much better about life and others when I just choose the softer, less conflicting manners of living in an extremely competitive and materialistic world!  I remember when I was younger … before I “bought in to” the “dream” … there were moments when I wanted to “stop the world and get off”!  One time was when I was in fourth grade and President John F. Kennedy was assassinated as the “world” watched . . .  Another time was when my brother “Hank” killed himself … SHIT!!  Yeah, I said it … er uh … wrote it!!  But, I am hanging tough right about now!!
Sometimes in my life, most recently … at least I am more aware of it now, when someone “misunderstood” me and tried to “weave me” into their “play” or “drama” as someone that THEY “thought” I was … I just wanted to hit a button or put a label on that activity saying, “RETURN TO SENDER”!  There are such moments when I don’t even want to dignify such behavior, comments or thoughts with a “response”!  That would be far too much for “me” …  Yet, as I see myself more and more as a motivator of “positivity” and love when I can … I embrace that challenge too and seek a softer way.  Sometimes, I feel better just being “energy” … not necessarily a “teacher” or a person named “John” … just loving positive energy …  Peace be still!  Now, I know I just “took some of y’all out there”, perhaps, into the quantum zone, but that’s because I woke up early this morning and did a 45 minute meditation.  Whatever I do nowadays, I try to make sure that it helps improve the quality of my life … and those around me.  Otherwise, I may be tempted to hit: “RETURN TO SENDER”!
Have a great weekend!

John I. Cook, Director

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