We’re (It’s) ALL Connected!

Happy Friday, Y’all!

We made it through another week . . . TOGETHER!  So, T.G.I.F., then!

When was it, if it ever was, that “you” realized that “it’s” all connected … us included?  That’s right, from the gecko running on my wall to the spiders – young and old – lurking in the corners of my studio bathroom … to YOU and me!?  We’re ALL connected … yep!  Now, that thought might bother you a bit … that you are connected to someone like ME!  But get used to it …. just like “… ashes to ashes … dust to dust”  … we are all physically going to the same place at the end of this part of the “journey”.  The spiritual part is one we as a species often neglect.

It has taken some getting used to but I now know that there is a bird’s nest in the corner of the roof just across from my bed!  (Someone had told me it was probably bats, but after careful research, it’s just baby birds!)  I have gotten used to the baby bird chirps at like 3 or 4am when I first get up to use the restroom, then “segway” into meditating!  It takes me a few minutes to settle down … so … I convince myself that it is a good time to meditate.  No one is up … I am single … the silence is purrrfect …. so I do it.  It has become almost routine though I don’t force myself to meditate.  Yet, if I try a few times and my mind still wanders to some “issue”, I abandon the attempts to meditate until later in the day.

One new friend here with whom I shared my meditation exercises and author, Dr. Joe Dispenza and his book “Becoming Supernatural” asked me:  “Is it working?”  I am honest nowadays, brutally honest with myself and “professionally” honest with others.  So, the answer was, “It’s a process.” … which indeed it is! I still take one diclofenac 100 mgs. a day with pain reliever (sometimes vitamins B and D) and three or four doses of CBD/thc per day.  I also am still taking a tablet or two of tumeric a day as well as four tablets of “Devil’s Claw”, grown in parts of Africa to reduce inflammation and pain.  Coupled with yoga a few times a week, my daily routine of walking across town and my constant “squirming and worming” while relaxing to alleviate any discomfort in my hips that I can and assist in the healing, I feel some improvements!  The massage I had last Sunday was tremendous.  The masseuse is my yoga teacher, Molly.  I am able to stand a bit taller, walk a bit longer some days … and there are intervals when I feel little or NO pain in my hips!  I plan to have a massage once a month. Unfortunately, I stay away from swimming for now because it causes extreme irritation in my hips for no less than TWO WHOLE DAYS!  While I love the ocean and swimming, I must be disciplined for now.

I am learning that everything in our bodies is/are connected.  I am learning to embrace that we … geckos and mosquitoes, vultures and humming birds, women and men of all races ages and sizes … flowers even … are ALL connected.  How did we EACH get here?!?  Well, some two people “made love” and that’s how we reproduce.  Perhaps, that’s how we sustain ourselves here on Earth … by sharing love with each other!

Enjoy your weekends!


John I. Cook, Director

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