Good Things Take Time . . .

Happy Friday, All!

And a super special T.G.I.F. for each and every one of US … near and far!!

I must say that staying away from major tv headlines and internet posts has been extremely therapeutic for me here in Costa Rica!  I still don’t have nor want a television set … I am cool!  Most of the readers of these messages and the EE Blog know that my stuff is fairly simple and usually spiritual.  I talk about me and things that happen … and how I was able to deal with “things” … any “thing” … though I prefer “Good Things”.  I don’t read news stories that I had already anticipated like “So and so Caught in a Bribe to a Prostitute” or “So and so Says He Believes A KGB Operative Over US Intelligence” … enough already.  And “it” called Hillary “crooked”?!?  It’s the first thing you learn in child psychology: “When a kid starts blaming and name calling, THAT kid is hiding something!”  Can you say: “The proof is in the “Putin””!?!

So, my stress levels are down … and no I didn’t measure them.  I just know that waking up to birds chirping in the morning and the lulling sounds of howling monkeys and the periodic sounds of the rush and flow of the ocean waves licking the shore just blocks from the beach make everything go away!!  I started yoga classes again this past Monday and took a second one on Wednesday.  The classes are held right here where I live in Jacaranda Hotel and Jungle Garden.  It’s a nice place with my studio up on the third floor.  Now, I must admit that all the waist and hip bending that we did in yoga Wednesday took a toll on me.  I will not go today and will try to get a massage in before returning to class next Monday.  You see, I paid for 5 classes and took two so far, so there is some built in motivation to return.

Once again I am re-structuring my days and weeks to facilitate getting my meditation on each day, continue work on the manuscript, continue in an exercise routine each week with two or three active days and patiently love myself (and others!) as much as I can!  I know, I know … it’s a TALL order … but someone has got to do it.  Thanks for joining me again, dear readers!  My personal life continues to unfold … I still don’t have a “girlfriend”, so to speak, but there are a lot of lovely women of all ages, sizes and races around here to keep my blood flowing!!  I have made quite a few friends and am not becoming impatient for a “significant other” in my life – I don’t want to ruin a good thing like the peace and loving attitude that I have been able to achieve living here in Puerto Viejo.  It is truly a Caribbean town that I call  “city-country-city”!!  There’s a bit of everything here … scaled waaaay down, though.

Right now, I am looking at a trip to New York in October … again … just me, myself and I!  We’ll see how it goes as I have tentative plans to see my grandson, Caleb Isaac, on his third birthday as well as his mother, my daughter, Ayanna Lynne.  Keep your fingers crossed for me, wish me well … and of course … “May the LOVE of the Universe be with EACH of you!”


John I. Cook, Director

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