The Whole Picture … Please!

Yes, it’s good to be blessed … T.G.I.F.!

Happy Friday, in other words!  If you made it this far through the week, you deserve the “weekend”, Baby!  I am “up in here” today … The Jungle, to be exact.  It’s working well for me … Pura Vida!  Yes, so I woke up to get my meditation on, as this has become an important part of my life nowadays.  I am pretty much finished the book  by Dr. Joe … learning more ways to activate my pineal gland to release melatonin into my brain to help induce the transcendental state where I may be able to heal myself!  At least, I will be able to enhance the electromagnetic field surrounding my body to ward off disease and “evil spirits”!!  It’s a Full Moon … plus, I am a writer … So, I can talk “crazy” like this!  Anyone following me!?  How crazy do you want to go with this?!  Me … I want the “whole picture”!  “What’s it look like, y’all?!”  Does anyone remember that expression from “back in the day”?!  Maybe it was just me and a few of the boys like “Wiltshire” from the boarding school days at St. Paul’s!  It’s amazing what we live through and go through along this journey!

I just want to thank a few friends who came through for me again in “a pinch”.  You know who you are … grateful for youse!  That’s how I am “living” today … full of gratitude … and that’s because I see the “whole picture” … pretty much!  Nobody knows everything … even though they think they do!!  So, I am in the process of healing myself, a little different from Western medicine, but I prefer the “Gestalt” approach … or looking at the whole picture … even ME!  I am finishing this book up and I think that I am “on to something”.  While there are some “things” that I have been doing like “yoga”, meditation and seeking a more healthy spiritual life for the past ten years or so, it appears to be coming full circle … I can fathom the “whole picture” that we have before us!  I like to call it “The Journey” into the universe!  (If I am getting too deep for you, you can stop reading now!)  I thought the same thing as I attempted to digest different parts of “Becoming Supernatural” by Dr. Joe Dispenza … the book I have been reading for a month or so now.  Yet, I continued reading … and things began to unravel and unfold!  When I came across the word “amygdala” and remembered reading about it in 7th grade science class, another light bulb went off!  “I have been getting little pieces of a picture of this thing called ‘me’!  Why isn’t there a means to learn all this stuff sooner?!”

As life unfolds for me here today in Puerto Viejo, Limon, Costa Rica, we are about to enjoy a celebration of “Los Raices” … Wolaba Festival where ALL the peoples of the southern Caribbean cultures celebrate their roots!  They were setting up the stage last night down by the Beach area near the basketball courts and bus terminal as I finished up my early evening stroll down there!  I hear that it is going to be three days of “Roots and Reggae”, fun and festivities, food and enjoyment!  “Welcome to the Caribbean!”

Thank you all for continuing to read these pieces and thank you to those who have “subscribed” to my blog of Educational Excellence on Word Press.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t know everything though I seek excellence in everything I do.  And of course, the readers witness my imperfection in writing, typos, mis-spellings and all!  Besides, aside from our mottos here – “Know Thyself” and “be the best that YOU can be”, I firmly believe that we can figure “this” out … TOGETHER!  Let’s get “the whole picture”!  Have a great weekend, enjoy the full moon … much respect and love!


John I. Cook, Director

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