Taking It to My Next Level

Happy Friday, again!

Giving it up to my Creator is common place for me today!  T.G.I.F. then at the top of my thoughts!  Sometimes, I look at my life and I am amazed and simultaneously grateful for so many blessings and opportunities to fulfill my life’s desires … helping others at things that I am good at!

The first time I heard about transcendental meditation, I was at St. Paul’s School, Concord, NH.  I was a senior and we were doing all sorts of radical things.  We … well some of “them” … painted ties on their bodies and went to chapel and classes like that!  Some of “us” wore our ties on our heads as head bands rather than on our necks as we were supposed to.  No, it wasn’t something I heard being discussed in class.  It was something that I heard another “Paulie”, JT Howell, say as he dashed through the dormitory hall at SPS.  He was the kind of guy who was always looking beyond whatever we were supposed to be looking at … like quantum physics.  I watched him one day meditating and I decided that it wasn’t for me … no action!  After all, I was an athlete!!  I needed action … then!  Now, I am embracing meditation!

I have almost finished reading a book by Dr. Joe Dispenza entitled “Becoming Supernatural”, which I had mentioned in a previous message and blog post.  The book was given to me by a young lady from Las Vegas, NV traveling from the Pacific side of Costa Rica and ended up here on the Caribbean side.  We met at the beach near Puerta Pirata, a fine vegan restaurant/shoppe run by friends, and she was swinging her dog, “Nala”, around like it was a baby!!  So, as she walked toward the shoppe where I was sitting, I approached her and struck up a conversation.  She told me what she was doing here, I told her that I was a retired teacher looking to heal myself and write another manuscript.  She mentioned that someone had given her a book that I might like reading.  I am unable to put it down now … all 300 something pages, diagrams, charts, graphs and brainwave images included!!  I have started meditating at 3:30am or 4 or whenever I wake up before morning.  This morning, the howling monkeys helped me keep my rhythm in the deep breathing required for reaching the transcendental state(s) of meditation.  According to Dr. Joe, and many case study participants, one can transform … heal … recondition, if you will, your genes and cells, tumors and tissue as well as cartilage through constant meditation.  There are current experiments being conducted focusing on relocating “stem cells” in ones own body with ones own meditations.  Can you say, “Becoming Supernatural”?!?  I am working on it!

So far, Puerto Viejo, Limon, Costa Rica is the place where I want to do my living, healing … and writing.  I don’t have to wait an hour for a bus to catch to the doctor’s office where I sit for one hour waiting in a room half to completely full of people.  I don’t have to argue with a primary care physician to get a prescription for pain relief and inflammation here … I buy it over the counter.  I can walk three or four blocks to the supermarket as well as the pharmacy and when I am ready, I can walk three blocks to the ocean … which I hear all night every night as I lay in the bed.  My new location/flat is a little more “upscale”, still no tv nor air conditioner, as it is a self-contained studio on the top floor (3rd) of a residence at the Jacaranda Hotel and Jungle Garden with various postcard views from my windows.  The sounds, including the youngsters at the day care across the street, but in particular the numerous species of birds, dogs, chickens … and howling monkeys, add to the healing aura that I seek!  This is my residence while the business address for Educational Excellence remains as my PO Box in Ft. Lauderdale.

Enjoy your weekends … step out of your comfort zone, if necessary.  That’s where the true “work” and living is done!


John I. Cook, Director

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