Time Passes . . .

Happy Friday, All!

So I am up for it today, a hearty T.G.I.F.!  How does that make you feel … being grateful and stuff?!  Cool, I hope!

Well, this message comes on the heels of a highly charged spiritual morning I had a few days ago.  It goes something like this.

Waking up in the morning, listening to the extreme sounds of nature in a rain forest country and observing all the foliage heightens my senses and establishes a peace within me in which I feel at one with the universe.  Often on mornings like this, I relax in my bed, dangling my feet from the “foot” of the bed and just sit there.  Then, I had occasion two mornings ago to just flop back down on the bed!  I had no appointments at 7am, which is what time I usually sit up, though I wake up anywhere between 5 and 6am.

Two mornings ago, I woke up thinking about a public school and a boarding school buddy of mine, Robert Aurelius Hipp.  He was out of White Plains like me, and we both had been selected from “The Projects” to apply for St. Paul’s School.  We bonded from that process though our families were very close and had siblings of the same age as were “Bobby” and me.  His family was from the “Dirty South”, too, and his father was an expert mechanic and antique car restoration specialist.  We lived in the same apartment building, “135 South Lexington Avenue”.  My father and “Charlie Hipp” had that in common … cars!  “Bobby” was in our senior class triple dormitory room at St. Paul’s with me and Larry T. Woody out of Baltimore, MD … “College Park” to be exact.  All three of us played varsity basketball under Coach Blake who was also the director of the athletic department at St. Paul’s.  Strangely enough, our senior year, “Bobby” had a medical emergency one night while we slept that all but scared the shoes off of us.  We learned later, after he had passed away, that he had been suffering from cancerous tumors in his brain …  But before “Bobby” left this realm of existence, he had finished a business degree at the University of Wisconsin, landed a job back home in White Plains with General Foods as one of if not the youngest product manager … and had gotten married.  He left us in his early 20’s … peace be still …

I had just been inspired to write to Coach Blake the day before I woke up thinking about “Bobby”.  I also had been thinking about another boarding school buddy out of “Bed-Stuy” Brooklyn, Jose St. Elmo Wiltshire.  He left us a couple of years ago unexpectedly for me …  So here I am this morning, thinking of how wonderful these two people were in my childhood and growing up, and wanting to tell Coach Blake how much I appreciate and love him while he and I are both still here!  Do you have a “chip” on your shoulder for someone?  Get rid of it … it’s interrupting your peace!  Reach out to each other, take your time and care about each other, because these apparent “situations” are actually opportunities for us humans to grow and commune in love, peace and harmony!  TAKE those opportunities before they pass with time …

Have a great weekend!


John I. Cook, Director

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