Celebrate YOUR Independence!

Happy Hump Day, Happy 4th of July, Happy Birthday “Big Ike” (RIP) …

And a Happy Birthday to my friend in the DC area’s mother, Mrs. Fusilier!  I often remember her birthday because it is the same as my father’s birthday.  Yes, I know that it is America’s Birthday, too, in a sense.  Yet, I try not to be a hypocrite and try to be a man of my word as they match my actions … so people know where I am coming from.  So, with a national leader that tells a congresswoman … of color … African American, in particular, that she’d better “be careful” with what she says in terms of rallying support AGAINST him, I am not feeling so patriotic!  While I can fathom “America’s Independence”, I don’t support anyone that makes any statements threatening … call it what you will … freedom of speech and stuff.  I am a New Yorker … born and raised there.  I am an African American of indigenous and African heritage, if you will, and I don’t support the direction of this country with current leadership.  So … teeth clenched and glad that I am in Costa Rica right now … Happy 4th of July!! You may remember my last message … The attorneys I hired sent me an e-mail … they had a “pre-trial hearing” for my ticket for “walking in the street while a sidewalk is available” and we are now awaiting a trial date.  These attorneys in Ft. Lauderdale, “Unger and Kowitz” have had my back for the past 15 years!  I don’t have to appear in court … and they ALWAYS WIN!

I am waking up in a new “flat” so to speak, more apartment style than my previous “jungle abode” with the Caribbean kitchen … and a rather eccentric “land lady”.  I am in Jacaranda Hotel and Jungle Garden on the third floor … that’s right … if anybody asks tell them … “Go all the way UP!” Lolz!!  After having to pay the electric bill for myself to avoid interruption of service AFTER having given the land lady close to $400 three days before, I asked her to give me the account number and let me pay my own electric bill, as most other people here who rent do for their tenants.  She gave me some “cock and bull” story about her house in San Jose … became enraged when I clearly rejected her “story” for not paying the bill last month … and threw my July rent money back at me and walked away …  We ALL have issues … but that is one that I ain’t dealing with out here!  I moved immediately.  I stayed at another Italian friend’s location with cabinas and apartments until yesterday when I moved here to Jacaranda.  It is nice, they are very attentive … AND professional.  $400 per month and everything is included!  Cleaning service once a week and kitchen supplies for my twin hot plate kitchen.  Can you say, “Still a single guy?!?”  I am cool with it all … I am enjoying the journey.

Now, the main reason for this message is to wish my father a Happy Heavenly Birthday!  Whenever I am walking up some stairs to Casa Ama where we had a Sunday “sat sang” service or whether I am walking up the stairs to OM Yoga Studio on Cashew Hill, I remember my father and our walks around the Grant House in White Plains, NY just steps from the hospital where he did NOT want to die …  His legs crunched … much like mine do now … but he kept moving as we took strolls around the block since he couldn’t balance himself at 80 years of age.  HE showed me how to keep moving forward when it hurt …  HE taught me to stand up and be a man … ALWAYS!  HE told me NOT to try to argue and fuss with everyone … because some people aren’t willing to hear you!  He taught me to walk away from a problem rather than escalate it … I never said it when you were alive … I LOVE YOU, MAN …


John I. Cook, Director

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