Don’t Be Frightened In To Submission: CHANGE!


Yes, yes!  Another Friday … so … uhhh … T.G.I.F.!

I know, I know … I stayed up last night reading about the shooting at a newspaper office in Maryland yesterday … peace be still …  So many folks are saying, “When will it end?!?”  Obviously just our saying that doesn’t do “diddly” squat!!!  We have to DO something!!  It is called “change”!  Some of you may ask, “How? And to what?”  And until you “understand” how and to what, one will be in submission of a broken system that uses your fear to power it!  Now, I am not trying to be crass, but some folks just WANT to be crazy … or at least act it … because they KNOW it frightens “you”!  Hey, y’all … don’t get in my face with that “-ish” … I will redirect your efforts!!!  Now the thing with you “folks” who are charmed with “adult bullies and liars” is that you have no (low) self esteem.  “You” have given your self esteem to the “bully and liar” in hopes that “it” gives you what you want!  Did you get it yet?!?  I know, and you won’t!!  That’s the nature of a “liar and a bully”!  That’s what they “do”!

Some of you reading may remember me writing about the 4th of July last year on Ft. Lauderdale Beach where I had lived over the past 20 plus years.  There were barriers ON the sidewalks of the beach so people had to walk to an intersection to cross and traffic was moving slowly already so the City of Ft. Lauderdale put those barriers up for safety reasons …  The city bus was permitted to drop passengers off at a location of “their” choice, but NOT at the intersection, again for safety and smooth traffic flow on the heavily populated beach as celebrants hung out ALL day and waited for the firework displays on the beach at night!  I was one of the celebrants until after getting off the bus and attempting to walk to the intersection due to the barriers placed on both sides of the street’s sidewalks … a speeding motorcycle cop rides past me and a friend from France and yelled, “Get out of the street!”.  I replied, “Where are we supposed to walk?”  The rest is a simple case of a “power hungry” public servant … imagine that! … with a gun!  I was issued a ticket after a lengthy delay while the “public servant” looked for a reason to arrest me.  He couldn’t find one, which is why he asked for my identification or license … so he could “run it” and find out everything I’ve done wrong … And if there is anything outstanding that they can bolster their business (incarceration in the States IS a business) with and satiate their feeble egos by bullying someone and ordering them around … because they have a gun, handcuffs, a badge to justify detaining you, and a bunch of “goons with guns” to back them up, they DO IT!  Are you afraid yet?!?  Nope … not me!  I believe in a power greater than any “sucka” I know, including myself, so try frightening someone else … I am NOT going to fight you … but I will TALK to you!!  Can you handle that?!  If not, let me be ….  This “character cop” couldn’t find anything on my “rap sheet” to arrest or detain me for … ON THE FOURTH OF JULY … so he wrote me a “fake ticket” for walking in the street when a sidewalk was available.  After I had filed a formal complaint with “Internal Affairs” for the “fake ticket” and the hostility of the officer who ordered me to sit on the curb where he told me NOT to walk, my driver’s license got suspended and I had to hire an attorney to fight a “fake ticket”.  The Internal Affairs sergeant replied to an e-mail I sent him a few days ago, as I had not heard anything except the notice from the State that my license had been suspended.  His response was:  “After a thorough investigation, we have concluded that Sgt. Schoen DID NOT violate any department policy.”

So, understand then … racial profiling IS a department policy as well as writing “fake tickets” to citizens in retaliation for the citizen questioning said public servant.  Am I afraid now?!  HELL NO!  I want to help CHANGE this crap shoot a.s.a.p.!  That’s why I write … you dig!  Yet, I will NOT jeopardize my freedom and dignity by living in a place that does THIS!  You may ask, “Are you angry?”  I will answer, “No, I am enlightened!  Are YOU?”

A guy from the states who lives here now shared a TED Talk with a group of us Wednesday night at Barry and Nanci Stevens monthly “pot luck” dinner for ex-pats and others living and volunteering in Puerto Viejo.  The title was something to the effect of: “How can we learn to live together”.  It introduces an alternative to the Western corrupted concept of democracy.  It is called “sortition” or representative random selection for officials in government with support from informed aides … I will do some more research to bring you the facts of what and where to look for it, if interested.  I am suggesting that we NOT bend to corruption and public disorder and that we NOT be worried by clear displays of hatred by government leaders and on down to your neighbor.  Let’s get together and CHANGE this!  It’s everybody’s planet … NOT THEIRS!  Okay, call me corny but I still think “LOVE IS THE ANSWER”!

Have a great weekend!  Don’t be afraid!


John I. Cook, Director

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