Where I Find Magic . . .

Happy Friday, All!

Aren’t you glad we have arrived and are on our way to a great weekend?!?  “T.G.I.F.” … will do!  Optional interpretations apply (ie. – thank goodness it’s funny!) … plenty of room in here so, come aboard!

It’s been a great week … to the point where I noticed more moments of “magic” around.  One of the first things I heard when I came to Costa Rica, in particular Cahuita first then Puerto Viejo where I am seeking residence, is that this place is “magical”.  Now, quiet as kept, I have been one of the biggest skeptics of magic … I’m just saying.  You know, all self centered and stuff … thinking that everybody came to the party to see me!!  Just kidding … graphic example, though.  Soon, I realized that there are multiple moments of this “magic” each day!  One has to tune in to it … but tune out the “noise” FIRST!  Then … and only then … you can see the magic.  Let me back up … I speak for myself!

Brief elaboration on that concept of “witnessing the magic”.  If you are so busy trying to … say … drive quickly so you are not late to work, you might miss the smile on someone’s face at an intersection who thought you looked nice today.  Or, in a moment when your life flashed before you … say in a canoe mishap and near drowning (true story!) … and you are rescued!  Don’t forget … in this case … I won’t forget … I was surrounded by “angels”, beautiful spirits of love inside human bodies … that wanted me to live!  Same thing when I had my motorcycle accident … some “things” (angels, perhaps) carried me from my speeding motorcycle to the asphalt after I was ejected when my front wheel hit the curb of the exit ramp.  No human was there … nothing broken … me … not dead …  Do I believe in magic?!?  You bet!

So, I finally found out the type of “background check” I need.  After calling the American Consulate, speaking with operators who knew more than the consulate counselors in one situation, and sending e-mails, I will need to travel stateside again and get prints taken and sent to the FBI’s Identity Unit in Virginia …. just to make sure that I am not one of “America’s Most Wanted”!  I can do that … I need to check my mailbox in Ft. Lauderdale anyway and my birthday is Friday the 13th of July!  I think I’ll make a two or three day trip of it.  Still checking for affordable flights.  It’s kind of a simple magic, if you will.  I have met some nice people here, including my new students from the Bri Bri tribe here in Puerto Viejo.  One couple’s little boy, Angel Gabriel, celebrated a birthday at Nanci and Barry Stevens’ home at “El Puente/The Bridge”.  He was so cute … he turned 5 … and he didn’t even know it was his birthday until the presents started appearing from Nanci and Barry’s home!  There were two balls, a couple of toys … Finally, he looked at everyone with the biggest brightest smile and said, “Hoy son mis cumpleanos!”  Do you believe in magic?!?

Okay, so in closing, I want to mention that I am meandering along a writing routine and tackling this next manuscript.  This past week, a former co-worker from a tough time in my life, and current friend who has overcome some tremendous odds as a single parent of autistic children, Tia Frosland, posted something on my Facebook page.  It read: “Tmee (I used to call her T-me because her name was Tia …) I saw your book, “Three Strikes, You’re Out!” at the library in Coral Springs (FL)” … “I remember you were talking about publishing it.”  I did publish it several years ago after the first “Cook Book” and hoped but never believed it would get to a library bookshelf!!  This … is magic … and I helped!


John I. Cook, Director

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