“We Are ALL Connected”!


Happy Hump Day, y’all!

How’s the week going for youse?!  I hope it’s all “Kool and the Gang”!

Yesterday … and Monday were good days!  I started feeling confident about the new manuscript.  I organized some time and stayed in my cabin.  Once doing that, I began to look over my notes … plugged in my thumb drive … and brought up the copy of the manuscript on my desktop.  It looks “doable” …  I went out Monday afternoon  and picked up a few groceries and went back to the cabin to write … and relax.  Tuesday was kind of a repeat  but I went out for an ice cream though.  I tuckered out in the afternoon and left the thumb drive in, my resume up on the computer … and took a nap!!

Monday was super, too, because I got an e-mail from the American Embassy where I correspond for a national background check as well as THEIR approval for me to apply for residency here.  It is called a “comprobante” from what I can understand.  So, I replied to the e-mail as requested and am awaiting a reply.  I still have a form called an “Expediente” which means that I am in the process of applying for residency and can come and leave Costa Rica without any legal issues!  That’s important for me a variety of reasons.

I am sure that many of “us” have heard the expression that “we are all connected”.  How many of you agree with that?!?  The first time that the statement was proposed to me, I must admit that I began to look for reasons NOT to be connected to various people – because they got on my nerves!!  However, as time went on, I realized that there is a “power greater than myself” … My Creator … who calls the shots.  (I saw a gent yesterday with a shirt on saying “Call the Shots!”)  How many of us want to “call the shots”?  It is tempting.  Yet, if we want to call the shots in our OWN lives, thereby not affecting others negatively, then CALL ’em!  If YOUR “shot call” affects me negatively, we will probably have to modify something … at least … “our” relationship!  I don’t need YOUR “shot calling” to mess up MY life … nor others!  How many of us know how to “Let Go!” when you can’t call the shot?!?  How many of “us” know how to stand up and state that a particular “shot call” is not functioning well for me and my loved ones?!?  Yeah … Let’s talk!  You all are the people we need at the “front” of good things!!  I have no time and little patience for a “person” who talks about doing everything … yet, does NOTHING!!!  In truth, humans have the same composition, thus, “we” are connected … with EVERYTHING!

Enough said for a “hump day”!  Go forth and enjoy … if you aren’t already!


John I. Cook, Director

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