“People Get Ready …”


It’s Friday!

I’ve got to do my bit of praise for my Creator today … and everyday … T.G.I.F.!

I know that we ALL remember the number of songs in our life times about “People Get Ready …” for something!  The most famous is the renowned “Negro Spiritual” – “People Get Ready … There’s a train a coming; you don’t need no tickets … you just get on board.  All you need is faith to hear the diesels humming; Don’t need no ticket, you just thank the Lord!”

Do you think that we need a “change” in humanity?!?  No brainer, right?!!  But change to what???  That’s the secret … well … one of the secrets anyway.  The next secret is “how” do we carry out this “change” that has been coming for what seems like FOREVER!  By now, we should all be able to see that the change will probably not come from “the top down” … meaning from human leadership, which we are lacking at this moment in human history.  Many people “don’t think that we are on the brink, about to sink” if we don’t implement some very serious changes and soon … and sweepingly.  With the election of the current president in the US, “humans” have been forced to take sides … because he doesn’t care about any humans!  This person is like a catalyst, we thinks, to bring all of the “dirty laundry” out that has been stored for hundreds of years in some people’s ancestors “closets”.  Now, it is coming out!  Most people don’t TAKE time to THINK!!  They just pick an issue like “race” or “income” or “employment” and hang their hats on it, so to speak, without having done any thinking let alone research on that “issue”.  Some people are posting things and saying things … yep, even tweeting nonsense!  I hope all you Canadians know that according to some people’s “leader”, you guys burnt the White House in the War of 1812 even though “the” colonial troops were fighting a revolutionary war against ENGLAND!!  I know one guy who still supports this character even though it makes no sense from the standpoint of who he is …

Okay, so many of us who are able to “distance” or remove ourselves from the “harsh gears of the machinery” can see where the change has to come from … inside!  Each individual has to initiate a personal revolution to revamp “ones” own values and self education (we need to learn about humans … our “history” but the TRUE history … of how we survived for centuries, curing ourselves of illnesses).  We need to stop pitting one human against another and do away with this competitive aggressiveness that has thrown our natural value for “sharing” with one another to make the experience (journey) of being a “human” more fulfilling … literally into the “trash”.  Look around … every country and every city … many people are still “trapped” in to this way of thinking that they have to be better than their fellow human.  That way, these “troubled souls” can feel superior to someone, which is NOT a characteristic that aides in sustaining the human civilization as a community.  Be logical.  Then, some of the more feeble minded creatures “buy into the illusion” that one race or religion, or head gear or skin color and lip shape has caused “their” own discomfort in this “fake” journey to compete for everything down to the last crumb on the Earth! (Imagine how long that would take!)  Well, this is why we have to change this “crap shoot”!  “The hunter has been captured by his game!”

Hey, start to think about peace and harmony, helping one another rather than criticizing each other every chance we get.  Let’s start to look at our values … and OURSELVES … to see where we can improve our individual selves FIRST.  Grasp honesty and truth, stop “one upping” and lying to each other about all of the fantastic things one has imagined one did!  Besides, you are only fooling yourself!  Okay, alrighty then, I hope you see what I am driving at.  As one “friend” often says when the conversation gets challenging, “I don’t care about that anyway …”.  Well, I am here to tell you “DO CARE” and check yourself out!  You might need to make some changes!

Enjoy the weekend!

Peace Out,

John I. Cook, Director

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