Good Vibrations!!


Happy Hump Day, y’all!

Yep, and it’s a full moon, too!  I looked up into the sky last night and saw that full shine peeking through a couple of the clouds that were hanging out after a scorcher of a day here in Puerto Viejo.  I am a “Moon Child” aka Cancer horoscope sign and I find the full moon intriguing as well as full of energy.  In my youthful past, I remember full moons being like a “drug” and I just had to keep moving until “the break of dawn”!  I got tired of that after a while … literally!

In a previous message, I mentioned that guns were illegal in Puerto Viejo.  I was corrected by a guy who has lived here a few years and he mentioned that they were NOT illegal.  So, I looked up the Costan Rican law and that is correct.  There is a tremendous amount of paperwork that must be filled out with the government in order for a person to legally have a hand gun.  My point in suggesting that guns were illegal is that there is always such a “good vibration” amongst the people … and there are various diverse ethnic groups here … including the Costa Ricans apparently mixed with Spanish and local indigenous people; there are people of Jamaican heritage; there are Chinese here … considered to be one of if not the first “foreign” people to set up a thriving store on the water; and there are a lot of Italian people here running “gelato” shops and vegan restaurants and owning other businesses including hostels and lodging.

While still dealing with seeking alternative treatment for my hips, including RSO/CBD oil, I am feeling very “blessed” as they say around here.  In general, people are functioning on “good vibrations” a lot here, too!  I see older women with their daughters and a wheelbarrow type cart hauling platanos, avocados, bananas and other agriculture.  They start early in the morning and literally comb the streets here looking for customers.  There are a few guys who specialize in getting coconuts, called “pipas” here, from the lofty branches of the trees along the beaches and rain forest.  They both, one indigenous and the other of Jamaican stock, have physical disability in their legs … and the Jamaican guy rides a bicycle carrying his machete and basket for the fresh “pipas”!  I happen to have become friends with both and say hello each time I see them.  With me, and with others whom I see those two dealing with, they are always honest … the Jamaican guy gave me a “pipa” one day “on the house” … er uh … forest!

The street I am renting a cabin on is a pretty popular street.  We have a “Mega Super” grocery store on the corner and a clinic and pharmacy just steps away from the entrance of Mega Super.  The landlord of the cabin I am renting is an Italian artist … bohemian style … and continues to paint from her home.  She decorated the cabin and has a tiny “forest” on her property full of cats and kittens, geckos and lots of tropical plants … not to mention all the insects which come with a place like this!  Every Wednesday at 3pm, the guys get together (another melting pot of players) and play 3 on 3 pick up games.  I always watch.  The brother of one of the guys named Kenneth stopped me in the street the other evening when I was on my way home just two doors down from him.  He said, “Hey Man.  I am Clayton.”  His hand was extended.  “I wanted to say hello and tell you that I feel a good vibration from you, Man.  Welcome!”  Each time I see Clayton, he comes up from his porch and comes to shake hands with me.  “I got to get ready to go to work, Man.  I see you coming from the beach.  See you later.”

So, I am dedicating this message to good vibrations as we all know that loving vibrations are the ONLY vibrations that can heal humanity.  Now THAT’S a mouthful!


John I. Cook, Director

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