Thank You!


Happy Friday, again, All!

I hope that your weeks have been good for you … progressive even.  I am always looking for different ways to look at things … good ways … when given a particular situation or circumstances to deal with.  As we approach the end of another month and the beginning of summer in many places on the Earth, I wanted to give thanks … to each of  You … to the Universe … and to My Creator!

In regards to my residency application, I am currently waiting to receive the “go ahead” from the US Consulate here in the San Jose region.  That would include a national “background check” as well as their approval for me to seek residency here.  It’s a process … trust me on this …. But remember, anything that comes too easy, methinks, may not be appreciated!  Consequently, “it” may be treated poorly or not important, as it should be treated very well and maintained at high level of importance.  Waking up on days like today have given me a heavy dose of “gratitude”.  So, a hearty warm “thank you” to all the elements that have contributed to my well being.

Of course, I know that I am a bit eccentric in some ways yet, rather typical in other ways.  I know I drive a hard bargain for love and peace, harmony and understanding.  It is part of who I am.  Trust me on this one, too … I am VERY grateful for who I am.  I am grateful for those of you who understand to some degree where I am “coming from”, so to speak.  Recently, I have had a few people comment that they feel that I will need hip replacements.  I always remind folks, that these are “my hips” connected to my body for which I am responsible.  Am I too far “out there”?!?  I just try to be practical.  I can basically take care of myself, shaving, showering, cooking and cleaning up, and walking around Puerto Viejo to the super market or to the Farmer’s Market every Saturday morning.  Most days  I walk two to three Costa Rican blocks from my cabin to the Caribbean and relax with friends at my favorite hang out, “Puerta Pirata”.  There are a fair number of “ex Pats” who meet up at Puerta Pirata where our friends, Alex and Jenna, have purchased, remodeled and repainted to meet their clients’ needs and their own expectations for an exceptional vegan smoothie/food shop right there on the water front!  It may be that at some point, I will need more medical attention to alleviate the condition, if possible.  Besides, it’s only pain!!  How would “we” know how beautiful peace and tranquility can be if we never experienced pain?!?  I know, I know … Enough already … of the pain and my discourse here!

So, thanks again, y’all, for reading and replying, reading and not replying, reading and deleting the message … or thanks for just checking me out!  I don’t mean any harm to anyone via my perspective on things.  I just wish “humanity” well!  That would be “us”!

Have a great weekend!


John I. Cook, Director

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