Don’t Be Afraid – Speak Up!!

Happy Hump Day, y’all!

Well, I am feeling rather accomplished today ….  Learning to wait for the good things to come my way and not “jumpin’ on the first thing smokin'”!  We all have the responsibility to take advantage of what comes our way.  Notice, I didn’t say “take advantage of people” who may be less savvy than say “you”!  I give a lot of credit to my Dad who always taught me to be humble … but never be afraid of ANYONE!  Now that doesn’t mean that I am going to walk up to a serial killer or avowed “white nationalist” and start an argument.  I would hopefully not have to walk near anyone that ignorant for fear of losing my life in a dumb situation, or at least have the self love to walk away!  That is not cowardice … that is intelligence … self preservation even.

Have you ever noticed situations where people are AFRAID to speak up …. even AFTER they just witnessed something “unjust”?  Of course, I think that is a “type” of self preservation though I am NOT one to “bite my tongue”! One of the latest “battle cries” against terrorism is “If you see something, say something!”  But for the longest time in American History, especially in the “Wild Wild West” and westward expansion, people turned their heads.  Often, they rounded up a bunch of “bad boys” and made them “sheriff” and “deputies” to handle the “do badders”!  Can you imagine what went down in a completely “lawless Wild West”?!?  How about, can you imagine what went down on plantations where slaves were being held as property?!  It troubles me just to think about those things that happened and went “unnoticed” or “unaddressed”.  Nowadays, we are supposed to be more civilized in the Western civilizations, I use that term loosely, though we are now experiencing a rise in “white nationalism” based on fear of losing … what “they” never had!!  CONTROL!  The country never “belonged” to these cowards and now they want to claim something that they didn’t do anything to acquire … or get …. or imagine!  It’s all an illusion!!  Hard to accept, I know, at this “late stage of the game”.  But until you accept this FACT, you will continue to suffer and give energy to a “losing” system that is NOT serving YOU … but serving capital – yep, a thing, a concept, an illusion – as “we” are conditioned to blame our fellow humans for “our condition”, which is also an illusion.  What do you really HAVE?  Simple answer … your spirit!

A couple of months ago, one of the homeless guys walked up to me and said, “Hey, my nigger!”  I looked at him and asked, “Are you talking to me?”  He said, “Yeah …” and stuck his drunken hand towards me.  I said, “That’s f*cking racist and don’t ever talk to me again.  Have a nice f*ckin’ day!”  I had to repeat the last phrase a few times so it would sink in to his drunken stupor because he continued to try to convince me that it was okay for him to say something that I have NEVER been addressed as in Puerto Viejo since I have been here.  I wasn’t about to let it start now … not on my watch. (He is currently in a rehabilitation program for alcoholics.) The thing that is good about living here is that I have seen NO VIOLENCE in Puerto Viejo since I have been here though I have heard of a few murders and robberies that ended in death!  Some tourists were carrying their multi-million dollar camera equipment on the beach here at like 5am … and some folks approached them and told them to hand over the goods.  I wasn’t there but I heard that they refused, were robbed and killed … Peace be still …

I hear that “Stateside”, more and more people are waking up and not allowing the divisive techniques of some of our amateur politicians to influence them.  It is hard to speak up about societal ills when you know some of your “country persons” are storing automatic weapons to use when they are most “AFRAID”!  Guns are illegal here (PV)  though I have heard some people have them.  I applaud them for “maintaining their cools” and not looking for any excuses to use them … just for protection.  After all of the school shootings in the US that I have heard about since being here for only six months, I am glad to see that the youth, some adults, shucks even a few of those “entitled” politicians … yep … are starting to realize the TRUTH.  It’s a tough call but I am convinced that “change is coming” as I write and you read.  Adopt the proper attitude and “speak up” when you see and witness “social injustice”.  If you don’t, it will only get worse …


John I. Cook, Director




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