Seek Your Truth


It’s Friday, y’all!  And an appropriate T.G.I.F. for my Creator!

When Friday comes, I always feel a little more special.  You know, we have a few more days to enjoy over the weekend without having to go to somebody’s “work” for them.  Different people do different things in their retirement.  It is unique for me because I feel very much the same, just a little further along in my journey!  I still “teach” though I seldom have a captive audience with a “bell” to signal the end of classes or grades to turn in!  I have always been a helpful person … kind of good to have around, as long as you know what respect is …

Yesterday, a former student and reader, Nora Ann, posted a photograph of me on social media when I taught at White Plains High School in 1985.  I was 31, had an “afro” hair style and a mustache … and liked to dress for the occasion.  I loved my “gift” of teaching and I still use it whenever and wherever I can.  I have started a small group for English classes of “BriBri” descendant locals here at Barry and Nanci’s “El Puente/The Bridge”, which services the educational, social and essential needs of the somewhat displaced tribes.  Two or three weeks ago, I started a query to see how many of them wanted to learn or improve their English.  We have a nice group consisting of a family – husband and wife with a new baby; a woman and her two sons who all know some English; and, a BriBri young man who wants to learn terms associated with electrician’s work!  I will check to see if they did their homework for tomorrow after The Bridge’s “soup kitchen” held every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at their home.  Needless to say, the sessions with the BriBri students bring me “full circle” again, as I think of exercises, activities and pairing of students to maximize learning and time.

Do you know what your “truth” is?  Is it more appropriate to say, “Do you know why you are here?” or “Who are you?”!?!  As I spoke with “Tup” yesterday during the pressure point massage, who is an incredible human being that survived a stroke and was told he wouldn’t be here longer, I found a mentor in him … Our ideas are similar, his are more developed than mine … yet, I could follow his thought process as he offered me suggestions for my healing and journey.  He, too, like Helen the acupuncturist, strongly suggests that I “give my body permission to heal” and show it that I care and am on this journey with hopes of prolonging my service to humanity.  We talked about the power of “love” and how it is essential in our healing and living … and to improve and ultimately change the world that this current “leadership” has been given the authority to manage.  “They” are failing us miserably and all hope lies in the future … the children … the youth …  “Teach them well and show them the way …”  Show them how to find their “truths” with a loving demeanor.  I think, perhaps the same attitude toward myself … your self … ourselves … will help to make the world a better place.

Be well, enjoy your day and weekends!

Peace … and Love,

John I. Cook, Director

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