Team YOU!


Happy Hump Day, y’all ….

Except Kanye West … who says “slavery was a choice”!  What a character, heh?!  Some people talk so crazy that they don’t even realize it … until you tell them!  So remember … you HAVE to tell them!  If not, they will keep it up.  Some people talk crazy because they have “money” and influence … like Kanye.  They still have to be “checked” in our world of say “whatever you want”!  Kanye probably never heard of Frederick Douglas or Nat Turner … hmmmmpff!  Other folks talk crazy because they don’t know any better.  Teach them, too!

Recently, I have taken a pretty serious move looking to get retirement residency here in Costa Rica.  A stipulation for residency is that one lives in the country for 4 months out of the year.  I like that!  Of course, I still want to travel a bit … go over to maybe Brussels or Berlin in late summer.  But right now, I am working on “Team JOHN”!  When I first began my research on cancer and osteoarthritis, I was given a book by a reader that outlined a plan for “recovering from cancer” utilizing alternative and holistic approaches.  What I liked about the book was that it strongly emphasizes that you build a “team” of practitioners and people who will surround you with what YOU want for you … respect, love, genuine concern and good health.  That says a lot!  That should be what “your” team consists of.  If someone is NOT on your team, quickly eliminate them because they serve as only negative energy and thoughts, which you don’t need in your “recovery camp”.  We all know those people who pretend to have “your” best interest in mind.  Don’t be fooled by them.  Stay abreast of your team and make sure they respect YOUR wishes.

I had an opportunity to meet some folks that make CBD oils here in Puerto Viejo and San Jose.  I have been researching the effects of the oil, and, this past weekend, met a woman who makes the CBD product “Rick Simpson” style (RSO).  You may have heard that this is the gentleman who recently was diagnosed with cancer, was told he would die soon … and came up with a blend of CBD that saved his life.  Now, had he listened to the “peanut gallery”, he would be dead . . .  And that’s how serious building your “team” is when recovering from anything.  Some naysayers will lie and act and talk as if they have “all of the answers for YOU”; but don’t be fooled by this charming negative energy.  Do your own research and come up with a solution for you.  Keep your team close and don’t let any “phonies” in your inner circle.  My health is serious for me, and, in my retirement from “working for companies”, I am seeking to prolong my health and nurture it.  Negative energy and lies don’t add anything to your “program” … except disaster!

I have two types of CBD oil, one focusing on hemp without “THC”, and the other focusing on pain relief and healing (RSO – Rick Simpson Oil).  Today, I have an appointment with “Tup” again for a pressure point massage.  Tomorrow, I hope to meet up with another masseus who is offering a technique done on the beach where she sets up her table and utilizes the energy of “nature”.  Saturday, I plan to see Helen for my tenth acupuncture session.  The other masseus who has asked me to be his “practice subject” for his implementation of the “Bowen Technique” on clients invites me for short sessions a couple of times a week.  Well, I have to admit, I see improvements in the range of motion in my hips and LESS pain … especially at night!  I spend my days taking short walks around Puerto Viejo’s beaches and Caribbean streets often filled with Reggae music and “patys” of various types ranging from vegetarian to chicken and beef.  I must say, I feel quite “at home” with “Team ME”!  Join me, if you will!


John I. Cook, Director

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