Love Is . .


Happy Hump Day, Y’all!

What’s it going to be today … love or hate?!?  For me, that is a “no brainer”!  I have had my issues with disliking someone else.  I found that the more that I disliked them, the less I liked MYSELF!  The reasons vary but the first one is that I shouldn’t allow someone else’s “discontent” with themselves or with whom they think is “me”, alter my self esteem … self love … if you will!

For the love of life, why can’t we get this “human” thing together?!  Many spiritual thinkers, mainly because they are usually the only ones looking for a “fair and honest” social contract between society and it’s members, emphasize the importance of “loving thy neighbor”.  Now, no one said “get in bed with your neighbor”, just love them!!  It is a simple concept but most of our institutions of Western civilization, ahem … , don’t go far enough into seeking equity for ALL of the members of a “society”.  There seems to be more concern with setting up a “pecking order” or “caste system” where ones “role and self worth” in a given society is determined by people other than “the persons” themselves!

Well, I am going to keep it simple today, “short and sweet”, so to speak.  Big shout out again to Kelvin Carey out of The City of White Plains, NY who is helping me nail down the birth certificate that I need for residency with the proper seal from the City, the County and the State!  This is the kind of love that I am talking about!  Brotherly or sisterly love, so to speak, can move mountains.  I think back to the acupuncture session that I had with “Helen” this past Saturday morning.  She was giving me a pre-acupuncture massage and told me to think of the members of my family … those present and those past … and to ask them to help me heal.  I believe this is the spiritual side of acupuncture that sometimes goes unnoticed and unmentioned.  That whole morning was quite an experience … yes!  After I came out of “Helen” and her husband’s home, I was preparing to go to offer an English class with some interested Bri Bri Tribe members who attend Barry and Nancy’s “El Puente – The Bridge” soup kitchen offered to them by the aforementioned and “kind and loving people” who donate time and money (again, this is the type of love that I am talking about).  I decided that I would take a local public bus to save money since I had plenty of time, and NOT call a “Tuk Tuk” which usually runs around 4 – 5 dollars and the bus is $1.00.  As I approached the street and sat down on an old stone wall to wait for the bus, I saw a person across the street with a beautiful gown like robe on.  I said hello, she said hello, and we started to chat … right there on the wall!  I had seen her in Puerto Viejo the day before but didn’t have a chance to speak.  This time, we did!

One of the things that I also like about Puerto Viejo is that most people say hello as they pass by you walking or biking … shucks, even driving … down the street.  It’s a different atmosphere … open and peaceful … pret’ near loving!

Do your part too … “unconditional love” will find you …


John I. Cook, Director

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