Look For The Best In Everyone (and EVERYTHING)!


Yes, yes, y’all!  It’s Friday again!  I am starting to enjoy these days and nights here as they turn in to weekends … so … T.G.I.F.!

Our world in our times is probably the most complicated of many generations.  We … so called … have so much information at our disposal, and now, we need to determine if the information is “fake” or not!  How exciting!  There used to be a game show called “To Tell The Truth” … and that has become the most popular “course of events” nowadays is to figure out who is telling the truth let alone WHAT is the truth!!  Welcome to reality … we can make our OWN truths and don’t have to depend on anyone else to determine what our “reality” or “truth” is!  Yet, one has to be up for the occasion. One must have the willingness to explore … ONES SELF … to find out what ones role or “place” is in the … I’m going to get deep now … in the Universe or in this “lifetime”!  Y’all still with me?  Or did I loose a few of youse!?!

I don’t like to just follow people or “leaders” around and don’t ask any questions.  I cannot be blindly led.  You have to show me something … a lot … not just talk and disagreement.  Anyone can do that!!  Show me some progress, some results …. some changes, if you will, some positive results.  You all already know that I was a “hippy”.  We questioned EVERYTHING … the real hippies.  Some of us questioned “too much”, if you know what I mean.  But it got us in to questioning “stuff” – policy, information and national activities like the war in Vietnam …  We were NOT the generation that was going to be just sent off … to die!  What’s the reason?  What did these people do to us?  Is war the only alternative?

One other thing about us “hippies” is that we tried to look for the best in things.  During those times, all people joined together.  It didn’t matter your race, your gender, your physical build or your sexual preference.  It was “flower power” and “peace and love”!  Some of the world’s greatest “spiritual leaders”, if you will, emphasize the importance of “unconditional love” for each other … What a concept!!  Usually, I look for the best in people until they demonstrate that they do NOT have my best interest in mind.  Then, I drop them from my inner circle of friends and associates to avoid the possible damage or negative energy that they may be carrying towards me.  I remember times when people were actually trying to “challenge” or “harm” me or … put me down!  I tried to help them out by thinking that they were NOT really interested in “getting in my space”.  When they reject that option, I “cut them loose”.  I don’t need that in my “camp” … negative energy creates negative results …. Elementary, my dears!  I am strict with that regarding myself.  I caution and chat with myself when I see “sketchy” behaviour coming my way.  I analyse it, test or taunt it a bit, then … I decide the proper course of action … often rather stubbornly.

It’s okay … I am flattered to attract so much attention, but keep it “above the belt”, you dig?!  ‘Cause I ain’t no “soft hippy” … I am a loving hippy and one willing to defend my love for you and the universe, even if it means getting away from “you” so I can spend more quality time with “the universe” and all the lovely things (and people and experiences) it has to offer me in this life time.  What thinketh you?  Can you find “goodness” in an enemy?  Can you turn them around?  If you can’t turn them around, do the have the courage to utilize “tough love” and let them find out on their own?!?

My session on Wednesday with the massage therapist went well.  There were some contorted and twisted muscles that he found in my back, hips and knees that took a beating since I have been overcompensating for the discomfort present in my left hip.  Tup, who is from Canada – Alberta to be exact, and his wife have been here over 15 years now.  They have a spacious lovely “chateau” just outside of Puerto Viejo.  My achy muscles were somewhat relieved …. after he did the “pressure point” release massage in various locations, including my knees!  I am taking supplements like bee pollen and oyster shells as well as my natural blend of ginger, tumeric, pepper and honey in a tea each morning.  I do some exercises in the bed with my legs as well as at the beachside when I am there and I am “feeling” it.  I feel up for a swim today after a night of tropical “rain forest country” weather last night.  Sun’s up!


John I. Cook, Director

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