“It’s A Process . . .”


Happy Hump Day, Yeah!

Life … Aren’t we glad that it’s a process?!?  I mean, I know we live in an instantaneous “civilization” where the “faster” something happens, “we” think … the more exciting it is!!  Right?!?  Case in point … an amusement park filled with rides … filled with people screaming the loudest on the fastest rides, right?!?  Thank Creation that life itself … is not so fast … unless …

Right now, it is 7am in Puerto Viejo.  I woke up early because I have several things “to do”!  Yep, that’s right … retired man in the jungle has several things to do!  Well, yesterday, I met with “Dan the Man” for a complimentary massage session where he is practicing the new technique he just learned.  I am honored.  Today, I have an appointment with a guy everybody calls “Tup”.  He is supposedly the “master of deep tissue massage”.  Now, I don’t know if I can handle the pressure but Dan told me that he goes waaaay deep …. until it hurts …. and then some!!  “Yikes!  Cowabunga, Bat Man!  Eeeek, even!”  Well, I will be there at 11am … just up the road a bit … I will take a small car called a “Tuk Tuk” there and back.  Saturday, I will visit Helen again for my 9th acupuncture session.  I have learned that “natural healing” is a process.  “We” seek to do more than mask the symptoms, but to repair the body … if possible.  I am on this journey right now … here in Puerto Viejo … where time seems to “stand still” … unless you do something!  As for me, handling the “greatest love of all” – myself – is something worth spending quality time doing.

Well, I am in the very beginning of the application process for retirement residency here in Costa Rica.  I thought I had all the “i’s” dotted and the “t’s” crossed!  But NO … I got my birth certificate back in the mail … after following what I thought were the instructions …  ​but it turned out that I missed a “step”.  So, fortunately, I have a fine friend and former student in Westchester who actually works for the County of Westchester.  The County also has to place a “seal” on my birth certificate BEFORE Albany will place the “apostille”  or official seal of the State of New York on my birth certificate for a fee of $10.00 … and then send it back to me here in Puerto Viejo via a self-addressed prepaid stamped envelope from Albany …  Kelvin Carey is helping me with this “leg” of the process … and believe me … it is a process!  Kelvin and I spoke on the phone Sunday, I sent an e-mail or two … and I sent the entire package to him to get this seal on my birth certificate!!

So, like life, and I have been fortunate enough to get through some “major” parts of it, this too … is a process … and shall pass!  I am a detail oriented person and was encouraged by a gentleman at the “Migracion” office in San Jose to complete the process on my own.  Yesterday, I was in the Banco de Costa Rica, where not only did I have to take my hat off before entering, I need to open an account with them as well as pay a “fee” for each page stamped in my Passport . . .  Hmmmpppffff … Yet, I am on it!  I appreciate the fact that with my health challenges, I still have the gumption to take on this task.  Next month, I am planning on spending a day and a night in San Jose to get this completed.  Do you see the “process” yet?!  I do!  It’s called “life” … and we live it “one day at a time”!


John I. Cook, Director

Educational Excellence

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