Let The Goodness Show


Happy Friday, y’all!

Here we go … T.G.I.F.!  I thought of something different today for the meaning of “TGIF” …  thank goodness it’s free!  You like?!?  Yes, no … maybe??  Remember, I am a writer …  I can do these things.  What’s free in life?  A smile … a touch … a nod to say hello even … they are ALL free!  You can give them away anytime you want!  Maybe you will get one back … maybe not!  Just give from the heart … with no strings attached.  What a feeling!

So, I wanted to mention my friend “Tori” one more time.  She is twenty five-ish, Caucasian American, if you will, college grad … and a blogger!  We met up yesterday … by chance … for her last day in Puerto Viejo.  I remember meeting her mother and father who came to visit her here several weeks ago!  Her father was so cool … He commented: “I am glad that my daughter met someone like you here!”  I took that to be a compliment.  Anyway, here’s the hyperlink to “Tori’s Adventure Blog” which covers some of her thoughts on Costa Rica, her volunteer work here and some fabulous photographs of her adventures – Tori’s Adventure Blog!  Visit it, too, if you like.

It’s Friday and they have a big weekend planned here in Puerto Viejo as the community organizers have come up with an event which includes local musicians, artists, dancers and workshops.  I apologize because I didn’t get the name of the event accurate enough to let you know here, but it is taking place downtown (1 block from me!) at the “Multicentro/Centro de la Cultura” landmark building and there is a band shell set up just steps from the beach as well.  They have a men’s basketball “3 on 3” tournament starting at 12pm today, weather permitting.  I have been able to get in the “loop” of some of the local organizers who make these things happen.  They often work in conjunction with some of the many “ex-Pat” friends I have made here and really try to make a difference … for the PEOPLE who LIVE here … not just the tourists.  It is taking place with a variety of events, speakers, workshops and presentations from Friday through Sunday … and I will be there!

I got an e-mail from a local artist (singer/writer) whom I met at an “open microphone” session at the local club/bar/restaurant called “Lazy Mon”.  He also plays hoops, appears to be of “African” lineage (nappy hair, brown skin), well spoken and thanked me for “making myself known” to him as well as to the community.  I wrote him back, Christiano, and thanked him for such a pleasant and warm surprise in the form of an e-mail.  One thing that I always do, though I have been criticized for it in the past, is let my “love light” shine!  I have learned to “tolerate” the unhappy people who only want to be greeted once a day even though your paths might cross 10 times in a day.  I have learned to smile at them, too, even when they don’t respond … or when they turn their head away to avoid eye contact.  One thing that I like about the English speaking “brothers and sisters here” is that most of them who embrace our history as a people take pride in making eye contact and saying something to you like, “Much respect, my brother!” or “Blessed” or “Bless up, my sister!”  How welcoming and warm are these close encounters that occur multiple times a day!

There are many different types of people, tourists included, here in Puerto Viejo.  I am looking forward to spending the weekend with the local festivities, local market tomorrow as well, and to “let my goodness show”!


John I. Cook, Director

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