Embrace The Miracles


Happy Hump Day, y’all!

Can we do it today … I mean … is it safe to … come out now?!  No shootings??!  Peace be still …

Do you believe in miracles?  Tough question, right?!  Well, let’s be logical for a moment.  If you don’t believe in miracles, do you think that any miracles will happen in your life?  Heh, heh … “you” wouldn’t believe it anyway and would probably blow any opportunity to receive miracles in your life.

Trust me, I know it is hard to believe things … not to mention people.  Sometimes people lie right in your face!!  Oooo!  How low can you go!  Some people don’t seem to know any better while others just think that someone will believe their “lies” hook, line and sinker!  I find people like that very hard to deal with, in general.  Imagine falling “in love” with a liar!!!  Ohhhh!  You thought that you HAD problems before, wait until the “liar’s lair” is completely surrounding you …  Then, you will have some problems indeed!

Keep in mind that the “reality” that “we” live was created by another human being … several human beings over a long period of time.  Kind of like “brainwashing” … Some people will believe anything if they are “told” this information enough times over and over.  This is a time in my life when I looked prostate cancer in the “tumors” and decided that it is not for me.  I drank my herbal teas, I took my vitamin D and sat in the sun each day, I worked out as best I could … I’m done with prostate cancer!  If it doesn’t exist in my mind, how can it exist in my body?  Or don’t you believe that “one” can heal oneself with ones own mind?!?

Well, here in Puerto Viejo, as I wait for my birth certificate to arrive from Albany, NY with the necessary “apostille” for international retirement as required, I continue to work on “my miracles”.  I believe that I can heal myself … to some degree … with natural health plants and foods.  This tea I drink every morning seems to be alleviating some of the inflammation in my hip joints.  Coupled with the acupuncture treatments (I have had 8 now .. 2 more to go) and my intense and loving “aroma therapy (incense) and music therapy (jazz music for me!) self massages”, I am able to see some improvements in the range of motion in my hips.  I haven’t seen the massage therapist lately but I did go to the his office to request an appointment.  Yes, oh … and I sit at the waters edge … or inside my cabin as it rains a bit this morning … and meditate on the wonderful things in life … in MY life … in OUR lives!  How revolutionary, heh?!  I do NOT sit around and wish people “ill” nor talk about them incessantly.  I talk about ME … to my Creator and to myself … and to this vehicle for this part of my journey – my body!  I thank it, I tell it that I appreciate it and need it to carry me further … and I ask it to help me …  This for me at this time is “the journey within”.  I can’t think of a better setting to embrace these miracles than Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Limon, Costa Rica!

I have a friend, “Tory” I call her … short for Victoria, who just left Puerto Viejo for Utah after working in a “bird sanctuary” not too far into the mountainside from here, who also writes a blog.  In her most recent one, she touched on some of the “folkways and mores” of the interesting people who make up the population here.  There is a plethora of trash that accumulates over the festivities, and, the trash pick up is slow here, too … just like the sloths!!  Yet, it gets done … usually after the vultures and the dogs have gotten a chance to sniff out the things that they like first!  Jamaicans, Costa Ricans and some of the people from the native local tribes of the BriBri and Turuak all come together at some point or another on this tiny strip of magical land.  These people are able to intermingle their cultures and co-exist to a relatively miraculous degree here in Puerto Viejo.  I was reminded a few days ago that there have been a few killings of tourists with expensive cameras and equipment by  some “locals” as well as a few “crazy cases” where the “human drama of male and female” caused someone to be killed ….  I pretty much stay to myself and the wonderful friends that I have met and continue to be the “happy go lucky”, “say hello to everybody” John I. Cook that I like to be!  I think the miracles can find me here …


John I. Cook, Director

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  1. Barry A Stevens
    Apr 11, 2018 @ 15:11:09

    A very famous man once said “It will be done unto you as you believe.” This is the basis of Science Of Mind. Bottom line, if you believe you have healed yourself, then you have! Just who is this famous man? Some clues – his mother’s name is Mary, his father’s name is Joseph… and many on the planet just celebrated his special day at Easter!

    At the Study Group meetings at El Puente on Wednesday nights, this type of healing is something we often talk about – and it has worked for you – then, it has!




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