“It’s Just the Way It Should Be!”


It’s Friday again, Folks!

And around here, you know what that means!!  Yep! T.G.I.F!

Sometimes, no matter what we do, “someone” is looking for something wrong in what we are doing!  Why is that?  Can’t “they” find enough wrong with their own lives?!?  Perhaps … that is why “they” spend so much time looking at your “journey” … theirs might be boring … or troubled!  Or, “they” might be envious!!

Easter was not a big deal for me here in Puerto Viejo.  I liked seeing the kids from their own country enjoying the benefits of this lovely near magical place!  Here, I have learned even more to let “the small stuff” go and stay focused on the “big picture”.  I got a little emotional as I sent a Facebook message to my only child and her only child, Caleb Isaac, and got a little note back.  Of course, it meant the world to me …  peace be still.  I got some messages from some other cool people … like my boarding school coach and athletic director, Maurice Blake!  It was so warm as he wished me well seeing that I am settling in here in Costa Rica.  David Holt, a school mate from St. Paul’s, wrote me a cool response as well.  My little story and anecdote reminded him of some folks that he had met who were facing some life challenges, took “faith” by the horns and did “the work”!  Thanks for your replies and readership!  Yes, they too mean a lot to me …

So, life continues to unfold for me here as I am going on like the fifth month here.  Vee Fusilier, another reader and college chum, also sent me some info on handling the mold here in Costa Rica!  I still haven’t looked at my pin striped “John Weitz” suit hanging on the back of my front door … to see if it has any mold … I’ll do it now …  It’s fine!  It’s an all season wool suit … the last of the “recent”  suits that I’ve purchased over the years!  I take good care of stuff … I can keep nice stuff forever!  I am working out a writing schedule in addition to the blog.  Maybe I will do one blog post a week and spend the rest of the “writing time” on the manuscript.  I spend much of my time caring for my health in an active way.  I eat more anti-inflammatory foods and drink more healthy beverages, I am focused on alleviating the discomfort in these old hips of mine.  I have literally “disavowed” any traces of tumors in my prostate – as far as I am concerned, they don’t exist anymore!  Another faith based claim I am putting out there!  In many ways, Puerto Viejo is magical.  If something doesn’t go “my way”, I take a minute and step back to fathom why “it” didn’t go the way I expected … I then take a few moments of reflection … then move on to the next option of my “journey”.  I don’t try to fit square pegs into round holes anymore, you dig?!?  Too much work … and it’s not going to “fit” anyway!  It’s probably “just the way it should be” anyway!

In essence, I am appreciating my life more and more each day.  I say “thank you” to the universe and my Creator multiple times a day.  I am making some decent friendships, including the guys who play basketball every Wednesday at 3pm!  Oh yeah … and yes, we are TWO hours behind the States … and no … I don’t care!  It’s the way it should be …

Have a great weekend.


John I. Cook, Director

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