Check Yourself!


Happy Hump Day . . .

Can we still say that in … the states … where yet another shooting has taken place in California at the “Youtube” Office?!?  How many of “you” feel safe in your own homes … that you pay for, taxes included … to live in fear of the next shooting … who knows the “feck” where!?!  Me personally, I can’t take it.  I have been a “sitting duck” a few times in my life not to my immediate knowledge, but it is a situation that a black man MUST become cognizant of within seconds if he is going to survive.  Shooting and killing a black man in a wheel chair because he wouldn’t (probably couldn’t … nor did he understand why!) put his hands up … no weapon visible … is unacceptable under any circumstances!  Yet, we know as was the case in Miami, FL last year, a case worker was shot with his hands and feet up in the damn air … and he was black … and no shots were fired at the autistic young man whom the case worker was caring for, who was playing with a toy truck … and was not black!

Well, without much further adieu, I would like to announce the birthday of an incredible woman, author, spokesperson, activist, professor and many many more talents and skills … and she is an African American woman … Maya Angelou!  Kudos and Happy Birthday!  My mother would be proud to know that there is a woman like you who has risen to so many “heights”, so to speak.  We live in a “world” where people are afraid … of everything!  Of course, that fear resonates into uncalculated, uncontrolled and bizarre behavior which finds its way to the surface of these “already troubled” individuals who cannot adjust nor adapt to the “social structures” that exist in most western civilization value based societies.  Simply said, it is too much pressure.  People take blood pressure medicine, diabetic injections of insulin, a wide variety of medications for an even wider variety of illnesses generated, in fact, by the very form of our society.  Keep in mind, everyone cannot be “at the head of the class” ….  Some will “naturally” get “left behind”.  Yet, it is our society’s responsibility to its citizens … ALL of its citizens … to care for them in a humanitarian way.  This is something that I think is the highlight of Dr. Angelou’s life work, as she represents “humanity” on so many fronts!  Thank you!

Why is it that some of us cannot “check ourselves”?  Why do some of us think that we can say and do whatever we want … and then look for a “law” or loop hole to “cover” ourselves?! (George Zimmerman)  Why do some of us walk around, so to speak, with a “chip” on our shoulders?!?  Get in touch with oneself to find out why … what’s missing … and how to repair OURSELVES.  Those of us who cannot repair ourselves then should be surrounded with a network of social organizations to assist us in getting the treatment, care and if necessary medications (hopefully natural).  I have found that the natural peaceful untainted environment and “pura vida” lifestyle here in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica allows me to “be myself” … and I am a pretty cool guy at that!  I live for peace and love, to connect with other “peaceful progressive souls” who can see the need for a “change” in our human growth and direction, if we are to save the species.  Maybe, we shouldn’t be “saved” … peace be still!

However you choose to look at it, look at YOURSELF first.  Then, once you’re done, if you still have breath and life, you can start to check others out to see what their areas “needing improvement” might be!

Enjoy the day, check yourselves … and be yourself, because you are you!


John I. Cook, Director

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