Celebrate LIFE!


It’s Friday, All!

Give it up for ourselves … and our Creator!  T.G.I.F.!

Yes, it is a week of celebrations here!  I didn’t see anyone carrying any statues of “saints” out here yet, but I hear that in some parts of San Jose and other “pueblos” in Costa Rica, they do it!  Whatever your deal is, celebrate LIFE!

Now, I am not one to judge anyone else, but I do prefer friendships with some consistency.  You can have a “falling out” but … come back to your senses.  This is one of the things I appreciated the most from my parents … they taught me to be a consistent person.  Say what you believe … after some thought … and do what you think is right!  Some folks get caught up in these “ego trips” trying to hurt other folks … who possibly care about them.  There are us humans who push other humans away and discourage others from trying to help them … their little “egos” got bruised so … they’ll do something drastic … like change their name or tell a parent that they “hate” them!!!  I am one who was raised to believe that “you make your own heaven and hell right here on Earth”!  I know, it’s a controversial thought indeed.  Yet, know that what you think about “all day” … you are becoming “Yourself”!  So, if you preach hate and revenge, it is simply a symptom that one is not happy with … yep … ones SELF!

I have been through a lot of things in my life … but one thing I try really hard to do is be consistent.  Thank my Creator and my parents that I learned that at an early age.  I also thank them for the fact that I was able to inculcate some pretty good values … like truth, forgiveness, understanding … yes and PEACE!  Some folks go around looking for a darn war or conflict.  I don’t waste my precious “life force” and energy trying to create something “negative” in someone else’s life … through my own behavior.  How ridiculous can one be!  Hopefully, maturity and peace will find their way in to these people’s lives before they expire!

Here in Puerto Viejo, as it is one of the popular “vacation” spots even for the locals from nearby and as far as San Jose, it is getting crowded!  It’s like a “street fair” in the “jungle”!  But this “jungle” is quite tame.  Lots of shops and small “sodas” or restaurants that serve “comida casera” (home cooked meals) and tourists and visitors from all over adorn the beaches with their families and cooking gear … some even brought tents and campers!  Puerto Viejo has come “alive” for the “holy days”!  Look for ways to celebrate LIFE, folks, during these festivities.  Look for ways to embrace humanity rather than separate friends and families and cause quite often irreparable damage … to ONES SELF!  Forgive and move on … life is too short … and precious!


John I. Cook, Director

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