Let It Marinade!


Happy Friday to you all!

I just want to get it in while I can … T.G.I.F.!

Yes, I am still here in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Limon, Costa Rica!  Adjusting to the “jungle lifestyle” is quite interesting … for a suburban born New Yorker, so to speak.  I mean, I chill as I stroll each day with my “baston” from Valencia … clad usually in the surfer shorts or bathing suits that I have here … and a tank top and flip flops!  A lot of folks walk all around town bare foot but I haven’t evolved to that yet.  Yes, I am sitting here at my desk with a cup of tea made from carcuma, ginger, a dash of pepper and a touch of honey.  When I woke up an hour ago, the sounds of the jungle, so to speak, were very soothing.  One can make out all different types of sounds from the species of birds here, not to mention the roosters doing their “call and answer” songs as the dawn approached.  The “howling monkeys” who live in the trees near the downtown area of Puerto Viejo though up a bit from the main road can be heard blending in with the dogs who bark intermittently because … that is what they do!  Did I tell you that I sleep sometimes with “noni” leaves on my hips?!  I do!

I am doing everything that I think is feasible to minimize the inflammation and pain in my hips.  I am seeing an acupuncturist in Playa Chiquita every other week and I will finish ten sessions soon.  I see a gentleman named “Dan Springer” originally from California (no relation to Jerry!) who does cranial massage, full body and nerve stimulation massages … as well as other types of massages for the people here.  He is known as “Dan with the magic Hands” … and he is a professional!  He’s been sharing stories and messages, treatments and extra additives … like the noni leaf … to help me in my desire to heal my hips and improve my sense of well being.  The philosophy that he and a lot of others here interested in “pura vida” and self-healing is that “everything happens for a reason” … even an illness!  Instead of running to the pharmacy, like I still do for my “diclofenac” tablets though I have reduced the dosage to one tablet of 100 mg per day, I eat an avocado toast, drink a ginger tea with tumeric and honey with a dash of pepper to aid ingestion!  Later today, I will sit with my feet in the sand at the water’s edge of Puerta Pirata Beach, absorb some rays and take a dip in the salt water of the Caribbean Sea here lapping the shores of Costa Rica’s Atlantic Coast.  Some friends I have met, a young same sex couple, are running the Puerta Pirata Deli and they plan to heighten the interest in this “landmark” location just steps from the shore by adding more vegan foods as well as continue their intense array of teas, smoothies and sandwiches!  Kudos Jen and Alek!  People here seek options … I like that!  One guy from Italy that I met named “Fausto” use to be a life guard back home but is running an incredible vegan restaurant called “Come en mi Casa” (Eat in my house!) here in Puerto Viejo.  There are so many “sodas”, which is a word for the multiplicity of “home cooked” meal restaurants specializing in the beans and rice favorite here usually coupled with anything you want from sauteed veggies to fried fish or chicken.  There is something for everybody.

Well, sometimes, especially when I am sitting on the beach in this Caribbean sun, I feel like I am marinading … for real!  I  have been revisiting my outline for the next manuscript and keeping in mind what a good friend, Vee Fusilier, suggested I use with images of “cooking”!  So, as you like it, prepare to marinade yourselves for the weekend, Baby!  I know I am!  Pura Vida!


John I. Cook, Director

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    Mar 27, 2018 @ 14:11:15

    Let It Marinade! nice post so lovely….




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