“And Away We Go!!!” (Again!!)


It’s just another Hump Day … or is it?!?  Either way, we’ve got to get over “da hump”!  When I worked as a disc jockey on Princeton’s WPRB FM radio station during my college years, I would always remind folks that “Life is a weekend!  It starts Wednesday night during my TRIAD segment on the radio and ends NEXT Wednesday morning!!  WPRB, 103.3 FM … in New Jersey!”  A little extra incentive to get out and enjoy the weekend was what I was offering.

Yes, I am still here in Puerto Viejo, Limon, Costa Rica … rolling up my spiritual sleeves and getting ready to make another go at this thing called “life”!  Nowadays, I wake up with a “self massage” routine beginning with placing and rubbing a blend of oils on my hips and working around my body to my back and down each leg.  The acupuncturist, “Helen”, suggested that I do this three times a day.  I usually get two in … one in the morning when I wake up and one in the evening before going to sleep.  I often add a bit of music therapy with one of my favorite jazz musicians and composers, Keiko Matsui, or I blend in a little Peter White, guitarist extraordinaire and some “Weather Report” from my college days!  Yes, it still gets my blood flowing … and adds to the intensity of my “self massage”.  I am planning to see a “deep tissue” masseuse next week once my pension cash starts flowing again.  I still haven’t gotten the refund of $110.00 back from my Spirit Airlines generated “Readycard” … take note … ’cause after talking around a bit, I found that I am not the ONLY formerly disgruntled passenger who once traveled with Spirit!  Yet, again, thanks to a few good friends, I am getting through this “eye of the needle”!

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of reacquainting myself with my manuscript that will become my third book.  It was like meeting an old girlfriend or boyfriend and not knowing what exactly to say!  So, I got out my thumb drive, edited what I had already written in the form of a preface and introduction as well as a few pages of Chapter One and saved the copies both online and on the thumb drive.  It looks “doable”, as my buddy “Petey Z” (RIP) used to say, and I am “feeling” it, if you know what I mean.  Puerto Viejo seems like the perfect environment to live and write for a few months …  or years … so far … though I don’t want to move to another place considering I am in a relatively inexpensive dwelling right now.  I am still getting notices from the International Living Community “suggesting” places in Nicaragua and Mexico for my early retirement!  I am learning to use my “Caribbean kitchen” more and upon realizing that a propane tank must be full in order for me to cook,  I even learned how to disconnect and carry the tank to get it refilled at the nearby “Old Harbor Market” … and reconnect it again!  So, I am “Cookin’ With Life”!

Did you ever wonder what the person(s) had in mind when they “created” our so-called “Western civilization” value system?  Do you think “you” or “we” could’ve done it better?!  Just remember, it’s not too late.  You, too, can change your OWN heart with the “God-child” within each of us!  I enjoy my close friends here in Puerto Viejo because we ALL believe that a change is coming … and “we” want to be a part of it.  All the evil in the minds of “stagnant” thinking people is starting to seep out.  We see some of our family members and friends embracing that “little bit of evil” that they can find and hurl at “us” … the peacemakers …every chance they get.  Instead of throwing love on one another, these stagnant thinking and acting folks would rather damage the good left in us … Peace be still …  Well, I am starting to learn to view each day as a “festival” of sorts, in which I can celebrate life in its entirety.  I gravitate towards people who have a peaceful aura around them and seek “harmony, co-existence … and peace”.  Do you think that “we” oh so intelligent creatures, some of us claim, could re-establish a society based on truly life sustaining values for any “civilization”, which is a culture that is able to last over a long period of time? (Sociology 101!)  Maybe we could live in “harmony”, embracing and accepting each other’s differences with love and understanding, peace and coexistence … What an idea!

So, I just want to thank those of you who have been supportive and encouraging whilst I am on my journey.  I hope, of course, that our paths cross again … as that is how I met each and every one of you receiving this message today!  “And … awaaay we goooo!”


John I. Cook, Director

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