Make The Most of It!

… it may be your last …


It’s Friday again, Folks!

So, a shout out to my Creator today!  Thank you for another one!  T.G.I.F.!

Okay, so … just when you think that you have things all lined up ….. BAM! POW!  No! Not Batman … but a mistake!  Like in Wednesday’s e-mail where I mentioned the name of my boarding school coach as William M. Blake …. eh hemm … that should have been Maurice “Bud” Blake!  Plus “Maurice” sounds cooler as a first name anyway!  He wrote me back and said that I had mixed up his name with his grandfather’s brother’s name.  At least I kept it in the family!

So, while you doing this thing called “life”, and what a premium, ehh!?, be sure to make the most of it!  Life is never “easy” for too long anyway.  There is always a big surprise just around the corner!  After waking up this morning, I caught myself singing a few of my favorite childhood morning tv show tunes … “What’s around the corner? What’s around the bend?”  Cute little jingle!  Well, that is how relaxed I am today … here in Puerto Viejo.  I travel in two days and will be in Florida … up and down the East coast from Daytona to the FTL!  Speaking of the FTL …. what a gruesome horror story erupted there on Valentine’s Day at a high school in a well-to-do area just outside of the FTL called “Parkland”.  A student who no longer attended school there came back to pay a visit on Valentine’s Day … and all hell broke loose!  No love … just bullets flying hitting and killing 18 innocent people in a barrage of anger.  Some people say, and I agree, “If you see something, say something!” …. but you might want to have a gun yourself because once you tell, you too will become a wanted person.  I would still tell, if it were left up to me, and try to save people’s lives … which is not what the gun lobbyist and supporters want.  Their primary goal is to allow for the instillation of fear into the lives of “Americans” so that everyone will go out and buy a semi-automatic assault rifle and kill each other … while “they” sing all the way to the bank!!  Who is “they”?  Anyone from the lobbyist who receive payoffs and kickbacks from the manufacturers, the owners of the gun factories and probably their employees until one of them gets killed … oh yes … and the multiplicity of politicians on ALL levels who have investments in the gun manufacturing companies.

Yes, many things are out of our control … thank goodness … but there are others which we can control … our own behavior and actions.  We can hopefully still control how we respond to things  and choose the best option.  Sure you have to take a minute and THINK … in order to come up with the best response … if any.  Many folks in the US have become “numbed” to the shootings at schools, shootings of African Americans in the streets who are UNARMED … often times running from the police and NOT posing any “threat or danger to their lives” … and others of “us” African Americans who cooperate but refuse to be disrespected by someone who is supposed to “protect and serve” US effin too! (“Effin” is not a typo!)  I get sick of the excuses that people make for such tragedies in the USA …  I personally can’t take it … I don’t want to hear: “If you see something, say something!” when somehow all of these guns are getting into the hands of unstable people and nobody is saying anything about who put the freaking guns at their “disposal” in the FIRST place!  Get the people who are the cause and the source of the prevalence of weapons and lock them up!!

Whatever you decide to do, choose wisely.  I am OUT!


John I. Cook, Director

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