“Love The Life You Live!”

It’s Hump Day again …

“We’ve gotta get ova da hump!”  In my life time, there have been many heroes for me … people who stood up in the face of controversy and dared to take a stand against the incorrect.  Historically, “the best” people die or get killed off for taking such a stand!  Since being in Puerto Viejo where the saying is “pura vida”, I have found another expression from a more quiet leader of “the people” – Bob Marley, RIP.  The expression is the title of this piece .. and rings “home” for me, so to speak, as it is something that I have always tried to do … love the life I live, live the life I love!  How hard is that, when “we” live in a system whose goals are different from our, perhaps, personal goals – to have a long and healthy (happy, even!) life!?  It can be challenging to say the least.

From time to time, I must reevaluate what I am doing … or being … as people come at me “sideways” as if I don’t see them!  Now one thing I do is try to be a “peacekeeper” … It’s a natural thing for me … that peace vibe to settle down all the nonsense!  Every now and then, a person may “come at me” and actually try to “put me down” … usually in their own way.  I have adopted a new approach to such haters.  If it is someone I “know” and we have been friends in the past, I try to give an educational hint at how “Homey don’t play that!”  I simply delete the post from my timeline or stop communicating with them.  I don’t have time to argue with so-called “grown ups” who can figure stuff out like I do,especially if they are trying to offend me.  I just try to avoid the unnecessary drama in my life because it is exactly that … “MY LIFE”!  If someone wants drama, discord and “Tom Foolery” in “their” life, so be it!  I don’t … simple as that!

I have found a deeper understanding of this expression, “love the life you live, live the life you love”.  Each day, I do things that I truly enjoy.  Things like sitting at the water’s edge playing in the sand with my toes, listening to the waves and the birds.  When it is hot enough, I walk in waist deep and take that plunge into the water!  I take slow long walks around the beach front of the town of Puerto Viejo and points North of here heading toward what is called “Playa Chiquita” where I go for acupuncture treatments.  I don’t argue with anyone … I don’t look to “one up” anyone.  I am only looking for a peaceful vibe to share with … small talk of family and friends, the latest trends in holistic alternative health techniques … nothing competitive.  I had met some young folks who have come here from places like Australia or Canada … I met a young lady from Norway yesterday … seeking alternative health treatments that they often find at a place called “Beta Life”.  This is where “Ian” lives, the local “Shamin” who performs the “ayahuasca” ceremonies and treats interested participants with “frog venom” and/or “snake venom” to provide a deeper detoxification … according to them!  Well, Ian and I got to talking about my hips and he suggested a tea for me – bobinsana.  It actually grows wild in Peru, Colombia and Ecuador, I believe, but they have found a “sister” plant here in Puerto.  So, he put together a batch for me and I have been drinking it for two or three days now.  As with the acupuncture treatments, I feel “something” different.  I can’t run or jump as I used to but one or two nights ago, I broke into a mini jog on the way to the rest room so I wouldn’t wet my night clothes!!!  Maturing at this age can be a challenge.  I will keep you posted …

Next weekend, I will swing through “stateside” for a moment and organize a few things to apply for my retirement visa here.  All I want to do at this stage of the journey is “love the life I live and live the life I love!”  Pura vida!


John I. Cook, Director


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