Be The Change . . .

Happy Friday, All!

Well, if it were left up to me … I would simply say, “T.G.I.F.”!  So be it!

First of all, I want to apologize for an error in my last message when I mentioned the folks … Barry and Nancy Stevens who run “El Puente-The Bridge”, erroneously … I mentioned the “other” Nancy who volunteers for Barry and Nancy Stevens and lives in the mid-northwest … Minnesota methinks …   There is no “other Nancy” … I had a momentary lapse of memory … her name is actually “Marsha”!  So sorry!

I traveled to San Jose two days ago to firm up the information I need to procure a retirement visa here in Costa Rica and met a lovely gentleman on the bus from Puerto Viejo oh say at 5am in the morning … rain and all!  His name is “Jimmy” Ward who runs “Cape Oysters” in Cape Cod.  I chatted with “Jimmy” after finding a seat next to him since my legs don’t fit anywhere on these buses except standing up!  There was a young lady from Amsterdam sitting alone in a 2-seat section so changing from my seat to stand and then sit again, I wound up meeting “Jimmy”.  He and his wife may be looking to retire outside of the US in the coming year or so.  I asked him if we could exchange information, we did and he will receive this e-mail as well.  Thanks “Jimmy”!

One other person I met on her last night in Puerto Viejo who is also living in Florida is named Michele Kohan.  I met her at Barry and Nancy’s when they had decided to throw an impromptu “bon voyage” party for Michele.  I was lucky enough to be invited and to meet Michele, who came to do some volunteer work for Nancy and Barry for a couple of weeks as she is no stranger to “El Puente-The Bridge” nor to Puerto Viejo.  Thanks for sharing your information with me, too, Michele.

It is “Black History Month” and there are so many “takes”, comments and criticisms of a very simple concept that attempts to include a very disenfranchised segment of the society of the USA – the African American – in “their” history! I will not take any time to explain how or why African Americans were systematically and intentionally disenfranchised in America to further aid in the conquest of the “population” here using the age old “divide and conquer” strategy employed by many so-called national leaders.  So, cutting to the chase, I want to mention to all of the readers here and on the blog of Educational Excellence that we here at EE are seeking to encourage you to “educate yourself”!  It is a life-long task and requires a sincere desire to “know the truth” about our Earth, “humanity” and perhaps “our” place in the “universe”!  I know, I know … it is a tall order … especially for some minds.  “Black History Month”, for example, began after a strong push from organizations like the NAACP to attempt to include the contributions of African Americans to this country and to the world.  However, after traveling the world a little more and seeing and speaking with people from other countries, some of the things that happen in America don’t seem so great anymore … The killing of innocent children who are of African American descent BECAUSE they are African American … and with a current leadership that talks “bad” about EVERY nation … maybe except for one … America is slowly loosing its grip on the title of “world leader”.

In closing, please … please … PLEASE … be the change that you want to see … in the “WORLD”!  I love you guys, fellow Earthlings!


John I. Cook, Director


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